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International Management major Nicole Ojeda ’21 is the first in her family to go to college, and she’s risen the ranks on the NYC Campus. From executive secretary of Sabor Latino to executive president for SGA to vice president of Urban Sound, nothing can stop her!

Nicole Ojeda ’21 grew up with a mind for business. As early as 14 years of age, she was working in a local eatery in her small town on Long Island. “I had many responsibilities and through them, I learned to appreciate the strategic management of a successful business.” Picking her major, then, was an easy decision. It was just a question of where she would lend her developing business talents.

The first in her family to go to college, Ojeda chose Pace for Lubin’s location at the heart of the business world and their “methods of merging business theories with business practices,” in her words. But she also chose Pace for the people. “The students, faculty and staff here [...] have a true desire to help one another pursue their true passions by collaborating with each other, leaving their comfort zones, and also motivating one another along the way,” she told us.

In keeping with her major of international management, Ojeda has secured an incredible amount of experience in high-level positions on the NYC Campus. She’s the executive secretary of Sabor Latino, executive president for the Student Government Association, vice president of Urban Sound, former intern at She’s the First, student leader at Bank of America, and she’s learned a lot. “When it comes to leadership, it is incredibly important to be self-aware, let go of any facades or hidden agendas, portray confidence, have good intentions, appreciate people’s differences, and create a safe and trusting space that will enthuse those one works with,” Ojeda explained.

“These methods end up building a two-way trust system that has proven to be successful in my experience,” she said, noting that identifying and building the strengths of her individual team members on any given project as another important factor in how she approaches managing her peers.

Ojeda’s eye for unique opportunities began early in her academic career at Pace. She auditioned for Urban Sound, the first-ever dance team on the NYC Campus to incorporate all cultures, when she was just a first-year student. “I was nervous yet excited. I’m glad I put my worries [aside] because I made the team.” It was only after a few weeks into that first semester on the team that Urban Sound needed a new Vice President, and Ojeda eagerly stepped up to fill the role. “Not only did I click with the members instantly, but the team became my creative outlet, my happy place, and eventually, my family.”

After joining the executive board, Urban Sound’s membership jumped from a minimum of five to a staggering 35 students. “Dance has always been a part of who I am,” Ojeda said. “My family has always embedded music and dance into all aspects of our life. Being of Afro-Colombian decent, naturally, our history is rich with dance.”

Her family is truly rich with history—she’s half-Mexican, half-Colombian, and the first in her family to be born in the US. Ojeda is fluent in English and Spanish, speaks French, and even knows conversational Italian. It’s no wonder that she was selected for a coveted spot at Bank of America as one of their student leaders where, at one point, they flew her and 220 other students to a summit in Washington, DC.

“It was an amazing experience because I realized that this program was not based on GPA, it was based on the quality of the people we were and who we were about to become in our future,” Ojeda said. “I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the leader I am today had I not attended this conference and met all those amazing students.”

We look forward to hearing about Ojeda’s many accomplishments to come.

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