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James Shefferman ’19 has been working since his first year at Pace. From video production intern all the way to manager of video content, he has quite a bit of advice for the next generation of Pace students.

James Shefferman ’19 has been peering through the lens of a camera since he was a kid. “I became interested [in film] when I was around 13–14 years old, [filming] my friends skateboarding, which quickly took off into more than just a hobby.” By high school, Shefferman was producing videos and picking up freelance gigs all over, which ultimately led him to major in film and screen studies at Pace.

It was accidentally signing up for a philosophy class as a first-year student that piqued his interest in a new subject, though. “[After] speaking with one of my philosophy professors, Eddis Miller, PhD, I saw the real value of adding it as a second major,” he told us. Professor Miller is the department chair of Philosophy and Religious Studies, and taking his class has opened many doors for Shefferman. “For me, studying philosophy has been extremely rewarding. The skills that I have developed are applicable to any field.”

And Shefferman has certainly been busy pursuing a variety of opportunities in his industry. He’s been working since his very first year at Pace, landing a job as video production intern at the United Stations Radio Networks (USRN) only to climb the corporate ladder all the way to manager of video content. “Much of my ambition comes from knowing where I want to be in 5–10 years and understanding the consistency and work that it is going to take to get there,” Shefferman explained.

Now that he’s preparing to walk in the Commencement ceremony this month, Shefferman reflected on the advice he might give the incoming Class of 2023 as they begin their journey at Pace, just like he once did. “I think it is extremely important to understand that just because you are younger and still in school does not mean you can’t do big things,” he said. “For me, I may never be the most talented person in the room, but I will run circles around everyone in terms of attitude and work ethic. [That] goes a long way.”

Of all the programs Pace provides, Shefferman named the Alumni-Student Mentoring Program as one of the most valuable resources in his career growth. “Having the ability to connect one-on-one with someone who is experienced and was once in your exact shoes is invaluable. Not only did those meetings provide me with extremely helpful advice, but it also give me so much ambition to work hard and strive to become someone like the person that is mentoring me!”

It’s clear that Shefferman learned a great deal from his mentors—both at Pace and during his time at USRN. While there, he discovered a gap in the market: radio stations across the country needed digital content, but many didn’t have the resources to create it in-house. “This is where the idea began and quickly evolved from an initial pitch deck to an actual product offering,” he explained. It was a brand new digital service, one he successfully helped launch with the help of USRN’s management team to major radio markets.

Just recently, Shefferman accepted a position at Blue Scorpion Investments as their project manager and content producer. “What drew me was the ability to work closely with very successful people who I aspire to be. Both partners in the fund are true entrepreneurs who have an insane amount of experience on both the financial and marketing sides of the business,” he said. As for long-term goals? Shefferman hopes to one day run his own creative agency that “focuses on creating and developing emerging technologies.” We wish him all the best of luck!

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