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December/January: ITS Connect

News Story

Get ready for the snowy season by connecting remotely to your office computer, accessing your virtual classroom, and more. Also new are updates to Qualtrics and a Blackboard migration that may affect you!

Winter Is Coming—Be Prepared for Snow Days

FACULTY: Triggering Your Virtual Classroom on Snow Days
Don't get left out in the cold this semester! Be prepared for snow days by following Pace's Academic Continuity Plan. Learn strategies for building your virtual presence throughout the semester. The plan gives instruction on how to...

STAFF: How to Connect Remotely to Your On-Campus PC

  • >> Be proactive and check your remote access settings so you are ready if and when inclement weather or other situations prevent you from physically getting on campus.
  • >> Use Pace's Virtual Private Network (VPN) to connect to your on campus computer. VPN allows for secure connections to your on-campus machine, various systems, and online forms. Note: You will need to use Remote Desktop along with VPN to complete this connection.
  • >> For more information, visit Virtual Private Network. For detailed instructions, see the Self-Help Guides.​

Blackboard Migration

During winter break, we are migrating our Blackboard Learning Management System, including existing courses to Blackboard for Managed Hosting. While this work is being done, please note the important dates below:

  • >> All courses and communities will be unavailable on Wednesday, December 23, from 12:00 p.m.5:00 p.m.
  • >> Fall 2015 courses and communities will remain unavailable until Monday, January 11. Faculty are strongly encouraged to complete all grading by Tuesday, December 22.
  • >> Courses that run during the winter break (anytime between Wednesday, December 23, and Sunday, January 24) will be available to faculty at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, December 23, and will open to students automatically on the Course Start Date as defined in Banner.
  • >> Spring 2016 courses will remain unavailable to faculty until Monday, January 11, and will be available to students automatically on the Course Start Date as defined in Banner. Faculty developing spring 2016 courses are strongly encouraged to begin early because they will not have access to build course materials between Wednesday, December 23, and Monday, January 11.


Qualtrics Update

Coming soon, users will have the option to sign into Qualtrics using their MyPace Portal credentials. You will no longer need to memorize a separate username and password. All your surveys will remain active and be moved over to your Pace account. Learn how to migrate your account.

NBC Learn

NBC Learn gives the Pace Community access to thousands of news stories, allowing you to stay up-to-date on current events and broaden your students' historical perspective.

By embedding videos directly into your discussion board posts on Blackboard, you will be able to share relevant media content with your students. With an archive of interesting news stories, NBC Learn can be utilized to change up class discourse and allow your students to engage with media in a whole new way!

Check out the Digital Toolkit for details and the ITS Service Catalog for a complete list of all IT services and technologies available at Pace.