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Dogs of Pace

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There are many hard-working puppers at Pace. From PLV to NYC, their stories are top dog. 10/10 would play fetch!

There are 13,000+ students, faculty, and staff who call Pace home. But did you know that we have a ton of dogs, too? Meet some of the Pace pups who work hard, play hard, and continue to brighten our day on both campuses!

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I failed my AAT training.

Well, okay—my humans like to say I “chose a different career path,” but I just didn’t make the cut for the animal assisted therapy program. That training, by the way? Nothing to sniff at. Ruff stuff, if you know what I mean. Still, I’ve been supporting my human while she works at the Good Dog Foundation helping incarcerated mothers in Westchester. They struggle with all kinds of difficulties like fear, guilt, depression, and trauma, and it’s up to us to lend a paw.

Life wasn’t always this fulfilling, though. My last family planned to drop me off at a shelter after I’d already been with them for five years. That hurt so much. Even when my new human adopted me before that could happen, I had a hard time getting excited about anything—much less get comfortable in a place I wasn’t familiar with. That’s why it’s so important to me to give back after I was given a second chance. Without my new family’s love and support, I don’t know where I’d be today. I hope I can do the same for Pace students on the PLV Campus, who I visit quite often!


Human: Kimberly Collica-Cox, PhD, Associate Professor

I have a lot of experience taking care of humans. My new family adopted me three years ago after they saw a Facebook post from a dog pound. It wasn’t my best look (I’d been found in a gutter during a rainstorm), but they came to pick me up immediately, and before I knew it, I was brought to a loving home. Any day now I’ll be ready to visit the PLV Campus, which is where my human works. At least ... once I get over my fear of other dogs. Nature trails, here I come!

You might not know that humans can get sick really easily, though. I have a big family to keep track of, and one of them—I like to call him my little human—got a very high fever once. For a whole week. You can imagine how scared I was. I couldn’t leave his side for even a second! Things got a little awkward when I tried following him into places like the kitchen and the bathroom, but in my defense, I’ve never seen him look that frail before. In these situations, it helps to keep one paw on your human as often as possible. They smile when you do that.

You should follow me on Instagram for updates. Also selfies. What can I say? I’m an influencer.


Human: Christen Cooper, EdD, RDN, Director of the Nutrition and Dietetics Program

It was only three months after my human adopted me that her partner (very nice guy, for the record) asked if I’d help out with a big surprise. He wanted to propose to her! Of course I said yes. I ended up in charge of making sure my human looked over at the right time when he got down on one knee. That was a really special moment for me, because I felt like I was officially part of the family—and it was rough in the beginning. I’d been sick for a long time, then I suffered from extreme separation anxiety. My humans tried everything to helptraining, medications, music, toys, and even holistic remedies. Thankfully, with medication and a lot of training and patience, I’m a lot better now, but I’ve had a few slip-ups! It’s a good thing that my humans are such wonderful people.

Did you know that I visit the NYC Campus a lot, too? Keep an eye on my Instagram for regular updates! I work from home most days, but I post whenever I make it in. I’d love to make more friends.


Human: Jenny Irwin, Director of the Office for Student Success

Eight years ago, I was rescued from a puppy mill. I don’t remember much from that time because I was so young I hadn’t even been weaned yet, but I do remember that I’d never stepped one paw outside before then. Seeing grass for the first time, smelling so many new scents, actually getting a bath—it was amazing, and I’m so grateful that I was rescued after what could have been a much worse situation. (For the record, my fellow pups were rescued from that awful place, too!) That’s when I met my human, who brought me home to meet her very big, very awesome family.

We were totally inseparable after that. It was me and her all the time, attached at the hip, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. She was the reason why I started trying so many new things. I’ve been joyriding (well ... peeking out the window, at least), kayaking, canoeing, and my personal favorite, lap-napping (humans make very comfy pillows!). One day I’d love to visit the NYC Campus, but ... I’m working up to that one. Slowly.

And, yes. My name is a reference to someone famous, but I like to think I’m pretty rockin’ myself. ;)

—Teddy Mercury

Human: Caitlin Grand, Manager, Marketing/Communications for the Pace Path

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