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Dogs of Pace: September 2018

News Story

Pace pups are the unsung heroes of our tight-knit community. Now we’re bringing you their stories—both on the NYC and PLV Campuses, where you can visit them any time!

There are 13,000+ students, faculty, and staff who call Pace home. But did you know that we have a ton of dogs, too? Meet some of the Pace pups who work hard, play hard, and continue to brighten our day on both campuses!

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I like to think of myself as a dog person. No, not a person who likes dogs—a human dog. Or, perhaps a human trapped in a dog’s body. If you’re part of the Entrepreneurship Lab (eLab for short), you know what I mean. I might be known as the mascot around here, but I also help students and staff with business model generation, mobile app design, 3D printing, and pitching. To top it off? I even shot my own GoPro video showing students how to get to the eLab at 163 William Street. I’m about as human as you can get! Well. For a dog, anyway.

The only thing that trips me up is cars. Whenever I take a ride with my humans (the real ones), I get really nervous that they’re going to leave me behind after they park and get out. Is it an irrational fear? Yes. Does it still feel real? You bet it does. I’m fine when everyone leaves the house, though—it’s just the car thing that I’m still working on.

Thankfully, I don’t have to deal with that too much. I started sailing recently, and it’s been a wild ride (literally). Check out all the pics from my latest adventures!


Human: Bruce Bachenheimer, Clinical Professor of Management and Executive Director of the Entrepreneurship Lab

It’s been a heck of a rough year for me. I’m a Rottweiler, which means the older I get, the more frequently I experience hip problems. I don’t feel like a senior dog, though. I can still keep up with my humans, and they’re all super active. We go camping, explore the beach, and even show up for events on the NYC Campus. Some of my favorite moments were spent at Chemists Celebrate Earth Week and the March for Science last year—all with my human’s students (they call themselves Organophiles). So slowing down? Not an option.

If you ask me, life is about living in the here and now. You can’t stress about the future or you’ll miss out on all the beautiful things happening right in front of you. Humans have trouble with that, I think, which is why they need us dogs. We can do so much to teach them how to slow down and enjoy experiences, no matter how small. Being with my incredible family—both my humans at home and in the classroom—help make all the rough days so much easier. I’m very proud to call myself a Pace pup.


Human: JaimeLee Iolani Rizzo, PhD, Professor and Assistant Chair of the Chemistry and Physical Sciences Department

In memory of Baby, who passed away recently due to medical complications from age. While her family (both at home and at Pace) will miss her very dearly, she will never be forgotten!

During the first year of my life, I practically lived on a plane. You could say I’m a seasoned traveler—I know where to go, what to pack, and how to snooze for a few hours, which is the most important part, let me tell you. (They won’t let me eat the in-flight snacks, so I gotta pass the time somehow.) I also travel short distances, too. My humans and I bike a lot along Delray Beach in Florida. It’s cool because I can fit into the little bike basket and enjoy the wind in my fur without having to lift a paw.

What’s my favorite hangout spot, you ask? Definitely Kessel on the PLV Campus. I’ve been visiting Pace for 11 years now, and I’d like to think I’ve learned a thing or two. First: Kessel is the best spot for meeting new people. Everything you need is right there, plus, there’s always something happening. Tai chi? Crafting? Trivia night? Open mic? There’s an activity for every interest. Second: visiting Kessel is a super easy way to make new friends. Take me, for example. Whenever I sit in my human’s office with the big glass windows and door, I just wag my tail and students come in to pet me!

Stop by next time you’re in the building. I’m always available for high-fives (well, fours).


Human: Lisa Bardill Moscaritolo, PhD, Associate Vice President and Dean for Students on the Pleasantville Campus

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