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Download the Pace Safe App

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Stay connected this upcoming fall semester using the Pace Safe app. Features include incident reporting, COVID-19 Self-Assessment, events and training, notifications, and more. We’re here to help!

Pace Safe is the official safety app of Pace University. Developed by the Safety and Security department, it is the only app that integrates with all Pace’s safety and security systems to provide students, faculty, and staff with added safety across all our campuses. The Pace Safe app will send you important safety alerts and provide access to campus safety resources—instantly.

Specific features include:

• >> COVID-19 Self-Assessment: Complete your daily symptom self-assessment right from the app! Learn more about this feature.
• >> Incident Reporting: Multiple ways to report a safety/security concern directly to Pace University Safety and Security.
• >> Events and Training: Stay up-to-date on all emergency preparedness and safety trainings and events.
• >> Safety Notifications: Receive instant notifications and instructions from campus Safety and Security when on-campus emergencies occur.
• >> Friend Walk: Send your location to a friend, who can watch you walk home in real-time.
• >> Campus Safety Resources: Access all important safety resources in one convenient app.
• >> Emergency Procedures: Learn what to do in case of an emergency.
• >> Campus Maps: View maps for all Pace campuses, as well as evacuation maps with emergency assembly areas.
• >> Emergency Contacts: Contact the correct services for the Pace University area in case of an emergency or a non-emergency concern.

Review all the information and download the Pace Safe app today! Remember, you'll need to start completing your daily COVID-19 Self-Assessment prior to arriving on campus for Fall 2020. The health and safety of the Pace Community is the responsibility of everyone and it's up to each of us to do our parts.

NOTE: If you do not have a smartphone and are unable to use the PaceSafe app, you can access a web-based daily health questionnaire.