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Encore’s Second Act

News Story

Pace's Encore Transition Program got rave reviews in a recent Forbes article. Learn more about our program and register for sessions starting November 14, 2016.

An encore career—meaningful work that combines personal fulfillment, continued income, and social impact—is the goal of more and more people in midlife and beyond. The newly reimagined Pace Encore Transition Program consists of three interpersonal workshops and an online component that will help you reprocess your skills for a fulfilling encore career in the nonprofit sector. Whether full- or part-time, project-based, paid or volunteer, an encore career provides the opportunity to put your talent and experience to work for the greater good in organizations that are addressing important social needs.

The Pace Encore Transition Program is a hybrid consisting of three active, interpersonal workshops combined with an online component. During the workshops you will:

  • >> Participate in a discussion led by a former corporate executive turned nonprofit leader about the cultural and practical differences of working in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors.
  • >> Network with leaders of several nonprofit organizations who will discuss their staffing and talent needs.
  • >> Learn the secrets of successful resume design and the strategy of using social media for marketing yourself and researching job opportunities.
  • >> Work with a dynamic life coach who will help you identify your goals and transferable skills.
  • >> Link up with leaders of pathway organizations who recruit encore talent and will describe what nonprofits look for in volunteers, staff and board members.

Join an ever-expanding network of like-minded people who are searching for their encore careers and meet and network with nonprofit leaders and recruiters, career coaches, encore role models, and leaders of the Encore Movement. Whether you are 50 or 80, still working or retired, if you are inspired by the prospect of helping others, you are ready for your encore career.

Still not convinced that Pace's program is right for you? Don't take our word for it. Read Richard Eisenberg's recent article in Forbes.

For those wishing to remain active and involved, and who have the desire to help make the world a better place, the Pace Encore Transition Program is where to begin. Workshops begin November 14. To learn more, email program director Joan Tucker at