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Join the Faculty Center for the Best Practices Conference on March 23, and the 17th Annual Faculty Institute on May 17.

Best Practices Conference
Faculty/Student Engagement
March 23
New York City Campus

Student/Faculty Engagement: Strengthening the Undergraduate Experience

The Best Practices Conference will inform participants of the various Pace outcomes outlined in the results of the National Survey on Student Engagement (NSSE). What are the areas of Pace's strengths? What are Pace's areas of weaknesses? How does Pace compare with other institutions when it comes to student engagement?

After the opening keynote session, there will be "Engagement Roundtables," which will allow faculty to have discussions with their peers on certain engagement topics and make recommendations to the Provost on how Pace can improve in the area of faculty/student engagement. The conference will also have student participation so that faculty can hear from students and offer an opportunity for an exchange of ideas.

For more information and a complete schedule of events, visit the Best Practices Conference website.

17th Annual Faculty Institute
What is Critical Thinking Today? Expanding Boundaries in Learning
May 17
Pleasantville Campus

This year's Faculty Institute offers insights into critical thinking and how faculty can deepen critical analysis of the curricula. We will explore pedagogies for expanding critical thinking throughout the disciplines and offer strategies for helping students listen and thoughtfully consider others' points of view, even when those opinions conflict with their own. Additionally, we will examine how critical thinking can help faculty and students navigate the multiple and diverse world views heard in contemporary life.

The Faculty Institute will also seek to explore how expanding the boundaries in the learning experience will improve learning outcomes and foster an enriched collaboration among faculty and our students. Motivating faculty and students to view the world both critically and with an open mind improves and expands learning goals within and outside of the classroom. More importantly, thinking critically about curricula enables faculty to provide a more student-centered, equitable education experience.

For more information and a complete schedule of events, visit the Faculty Institute website.