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Faculty Success Stories: April 2018

News Story

Through grants, awards, and more, our professors continue to elevate Pace to a new level of prominence.

As the semester plugs along, we've got another set of impressive accomplishments from our Pace professors. Here are some of the latest grants and awards, including an Emmy nomination!

Professor of Information Technology Pauline Mosley, DPS, (Principal Investigator) and Professor and Department Chair of Information Technology, Li-Chiou Chen, PhD, (Co-Principal Investigator) received $66,000 in funding from GenCyber, which is a cybersecurity outreach program sponsored by the National Security Agency (NSA) and National Science Foundation (NSF) to expand the workforce pool of cybersecurity professionals. Pace’s project, Camp CryptoBot, is focused on a summer camp for high school students.

“The goal of this education and cybersecurity pipeline restoration initiative is twofold,” says Mosely. “One, to promote the study of cryptography utilizing underwater robot SeaPerch and mini-drones as a platform; and two, to expand this sub-population to consider cybersecurity occupations, which is one of the strengths of the Seidenberg School.”

“We are thrilled to offer this FREE one-week interactive and mission-driven camp to 30 high school students in the New York Metropolitan area, with an emphasis on young women and minorities,” says Mosley. “Our camp will provide students with mentorship and diverse role models and help them form communities of young cryptography experts.”

Dyson Associate Professor Allen Oren's documentary, The Four Sons and All Their Sons: A Passover Tale, was nominated for an Emmy for Best Religion program. It debuted on PBS stations nationally last April, and is airing again this year.

"My nomination is, of course, an honor, but I also enjoy the nature of the other nominees" says Oren. "It's an especially diverse group. The category is Best Religion program, and the nominees include one piece about Christianity, one about Islam, one about Hinduism, and mine about Judaism. Unintentional, for sure, but the definition of interfaith."

Lubin Accounting Professor Kam Chan, PhD, and Legal Studies and Taxation Roy Girasa, PhD, have officially been appointed Distinguished Professors. This appointment is reserved for faculty members who have demonstrated "continuous, extraordinary, and widely recognized" contributions as a scholar and teacher, and service to the academic community. Distinguished Professor appointments require independent recommendations from nationally and internationally known scholars in the candidate's field.