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Faculty Success Stories: November 2018

News Story

This month, Pace faculty are keeping up with the torrent pace (no pun intended) of technological innovation—and are earning some recognition along the way!

Using GIS to Solve 21st Century Problems

Pace University’s Geographic Information System (GIS) initiatives, spurred in part by the GIS Lab launched by Seidenberg Professors Dan Farkas, PhD, and Namchul Shin, PhD, received mention in a Forbes article lauding schools for incorporating GIS concepts into business curricula. With a handful of other schools, Pace is on the forefront when it comes to practical GIS education.

“Once people realize this is something they should be incorporating into their discipline, there’s going to be significant growth,” says Farkas. “In fields such as business, health care, public safety, and criminal justice, there are applications that are being done now, but, except for a few exceptions, nobody at Pace is teaching students how to use the technology. The motivation is not only to get recognition, but we’re passionate about it, and want to help bring Pace into the 21st century.”

Who’s Who? Professor Morreale!

Dyson Economics Professor Joseph Morreale, PhD, was recognized by Continental Who's Who as a Pinnacle Professional in the field of education. Morreale is the current chair of the economics department at Pace, and his career in academia spans an impressive 47 years—during which time he has made considerable contributions in fields including health economics, environmental economics, public finance, public policy, and Chinese economic studies. In 2009, Morreale founded (and is a current active member of) the Confucius Institute at Pace University, which merges eastern and western thought in regards to both arts and sciences education.

Grants, So We Don’t Take Cybersecurity For Granted

Seidenberg professors Li Chiou Chen, PhD, and Assistant Dean Andreea Cotoranu are the recipients of a funding from the National Security Agency through the Department of Defense Information Assurance Scholarship Program. The $221,805 grant will continue to support student scholarships studying cybersecurity, and will facilitate student relationships with the Department of Defense.

Financial Sustainability 

Lubin Clinical Associate Professor of Accounting Steven Mezzio, PhD, was named a member of the United Nations (UN) Sustainability Mindset Working Group, a working group that is part of the UN Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) initiative. The UN PRME initiative was founded as a platform to raise the profile of sustainability in schools around the world, representing the largest organized relationship between the UN and management-related higher education institutions.

Organizations globally are recognizing that their customers, employees, shareholders and stakeholders expect organizations to optimize financial performance, but not at the expense of society and the environment,” says Mezzio. “That is, increasingly stakeholders will no longer tolerate financial success without evidence of socially and environmentally responsible behaviors and contributions.”

“In this context, the international footprint of the academic community is uniquely positioned to create a sustainability mindset amongst our future leaders. To that end, the UN Sustainability Mindset Working Group creates a learning-teaching-researching network supporting the expansion of student awareness and knowledge of the nature, impact and importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) related sustainability issues. This international working group is multidisciplinary. My role will be to contribute to business school/accounting curriculum strategies and actions.”