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Faculty Success Stories: October 2018

News Story

Pace faculty are racking up the awards and grants, and ensuring that the current academic year is off to a great start.

Pace University School of Education Assistant Professor Tom Liam Lynch, EdD, was selected by the National Council of Teachers as the recipient of the National Technology Leadership Initiative Award.

The national honor highlights Lynch’s efforts to promote and incorporate computer science concepts in English Language Arts classrooms.

“If we are serious about computer science being taught to all children, not just in those schools who can afford to do so, we have to find ways to embed computer science into core content-areas,” says Lynch. “Computer science can deepen and expand subjects like English. When we do that, we ensure computer science is made equitably and sustainably available to all.”

The Pace Energy and Climate Center has been awarded a $2,951,837 grant from the Department of Energy. Principal Investigator and Pace Energy and Climate Center Deputy Director Tom Bourgeois, was awarded the grant to operate the US Department of Energy’s New York / New Jersey Combined Heat and Power Technical Assistance Partnership.

Co-Director of the Pace STEM Collaboratory Lauren Birney, Seidenberg Professor Christelle Scharff, PhD, School of Education Professor Brian Evans, EdD, and Seidenberg Dean Jonathan Hill, DPS, along with their academic, educational, and community partners, have been awarded a $2,499,876 grant from the National Science Foundation!

This new funding will provide Birney and her team the opportunity to build upon prior success as well as expand, enhance and grow the multivariate partnership between Pace University, the New York City Department of Education, and the New York Harbor Foundation/Billion Oyster Project.