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SGA’s Executive Vice President Angie Siguenza ’21 is a first-gen student who speaks three languages, landed a spot in the prestigious Goldman Sachs Women’s Leadership Camp, and, oh yeah, she even boxes.

Diversity is important to Angie Siguenza ’21, a first-generation student who knew exactly what she wanted in a college. “After attending an all-girls catholic high school, I really wanted to be in a place where diversity was not just evident, but flourishing, meaning a diversity of gender, race, ideologies—everything.” And New York City was already top of mind for Siguenza. Her parents emigrated from Ecuador and spent their twenties in that very city. “Being here in NYC during the same period of my life has made me feel somehow more connected to them,” she told us.

It was a Pace campus tour that initially sold her on attending the school, though. There, she met Servando Martinez ’19, “[who] described the plethora of opportunities and experiences Pace had provided him and it really sold me,” she explained. “We ended up being really good friends and still are!”

Siguenza took advantage of those very opportunities the moment she stepped foot on the NYC Campus. She started working at Career Services as a first-year student—and never left. “We have a truly amazing team and the opportunities we offer are endless,” she told us. “I have actually helped a lot of my friends from other schools with their resumes.”

Initially, she had her heart set on majoring in international management, but reconsidered when she reviewed possible career paths it would lead to. “I wanted a major that would challenge me and force me to view things from a different perspective,” Siguenza said. “Overall, business analytics is new, it’s exciting, and it’s the future!” Not to be slowed down, she took on two minors as well: economics and pre-law. “Economics and business analytics are essentially both about trends and problem solving,” she said. Pre-law allowed her explore her interest in that field—you know, as you do.

And Siguenza really is as ambitious as she sounds. She’s worked her way up through the Student Government Association, having started out as a director of marketing, then Lubin’s vice president, and most recently to their e-board as executive vice president. “I consider it a huge privilege,” she told us. “It’s all about making the most of our time here and ensuring the best student experience. [...] Sometimes my schedule seems crazy, but at the end of the day our hard work pays off and it’s all worth it.”

Her own work paid off when Siguenza was selected to participate in the highly regarded Goldman Sachs Women’s Leadership Camp. “Before this program, I found the industry very intimidating,” she admitted. “I didn’t see it as an option for myself due to its extremely competitive nature.” However, while she was there, a presenter told the gathered crowd of 144 participants that more than 3,000 students had applied to be there. “That stuck with me,” Siguenza said.

It also helped her confidence when she discovered her skill set was different from that of several other participants. “I was still intimidated by all of the students in my group who were from Ivy League schools. However, part of the case study required us to complete a few actions on Microsoft Excel, and the other girls didn’t have much experience with [it]. I spearheaded this part and was able to complete the VLOOKUP and some other formulas. [...] It confirmed that I was indeed classified as a competitive candidate for such a prestigious industry.”

Siguenza is clearly set to take the financial industry by storm. But did you know she also speaks Spanish and French, she’s traveled to eight different countries, and she even finds time to box? Talk about #inspo. We’re excited to see where she goes next!

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