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Fit to Print: August 2018

News Story

This month, Pace faculty are tackling the tough topics: ICE, Trump, Amazon—you name it, they’re weighing in on it. Summer’s just starting to heat up.

Media Mentions

“An education can transform not just the student but their families and communities, too.”

President Marvin Krislov, published in Forbes, discussing the immense benefits of an online degree.


“Students learn not only from the classroom experience in terms of books, but they learn from their fellow students.”

President Marvin Krislov, interviewed by NY1, regarding diverse student populations and Trump’s decision to rescind affirmative action guidelines.


“Advertisers know that time heals all wounds.”

Larry Chiagouris, PhD, quoted by The Wall Street Journal, about whether boycotting ads will continue to work as a means of protest.


“It’s a very common, longstanding practice for ICE to move people all over the country, [often] long distances from where they have families.”

Vanessa Merton, JD, quoted by the Journal News, about immigrant children who were separated from their families at the US/Mexico border, then relocated to Westchester.


“Cohen could possibly still face legal charges in the state for which he can’t be pardoned, and legal experts are divided on whether it could expose Trump to further potential obstruction charges.”

Mimi Rocah, JD, quoted by Bloomberg, regarding the limitations Trump faces if he wanted to assist Michael Cohen.


“Amazon can hide behind its marketplace to claim tax exemption because it's still going to pretend it's not a retailer—and not responsible for collecting sales taxes.”

Paul Rafelson, JD, quoted by CNBC, about how Amazon continues to dodge payments despite a Supreme Court ruling.


“I found that people who [...] feel more reluctant to trust others were able to, through their blogs, actually find a greater level of disclosure and sharing.”

Leora Trub, PhD, interviewed by 2 Girls 1 Podcast, about her dissertation work on the intersection between social media and psychology.


“Keep your eyes and ears open, because opportunities show themselves to us all of the time.”

Mike Coakley, quoted by CIO, about ways to advance your IT career.


“I think depending on who this new justice is, you could see some cases getting looked at and some old cases getting reversed.”

Emily Gold Waldman, JD, interviewed by News12, regarding Anthony Kennedy’s retirement from the Supreme Court.


“The vast majority of employees (overall) are at-will employees and can get fired for no good reason or misconception. They can’t sue.”

Emily Gold Waldman, JD, quoted by the Journal News, regarding the tenure of varsity coaches being called into question.


“Instead of encouraging and supporting these businesses, state politicians and tax administrators have become public enemy number one to small businesses.”

Paul Rafelson, JD, quoted by Forbes, regarding the recent Supreme Court tax ruling.


“The thing about the Supreme Court is that [...] it can go back to old precedents and revisit them and maybe chip away at them.”

Emily Gold Waldman, JD, interviewed by MSNBC, speaking about the legacy of Anthony Kennedy and what to expect in the wake of his retirement.


“Clearly, it’s unethical because the prosecutor is engaging in fraudulent conduct.”

Bennett Gershman, JD, quoted by Esquire, about the fake subpoenas being used by District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro’s office to pressure witnesses.


“Jail-based women are usually the [most] underserved of all corrections populations. And we were thinking: what do they really need?”

Kimberly Collica-Cox, PhD, interviewed by FIOS1, about her new program “Parenting, Prisons, and Pups.”


“Not par for course, but without trial date moving too, I wouldn’t read too much into it yet.”

Mimi Rocah, JD, quoted by Law & Crime, regarding the delay in Paul Manafort’s federal court case.