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Fit to Print: December 2018

News Story

From hard-hitting political commentary to nutrition advice, Pace faculty have been getting quite a bit of ink this month! Here’s where your colleagues have been featured.

“The thing to remember is that district courts don't make law. They interpret the law, and they apply it to a particular set of facts.”

President Marvin Krislov, writing in Forbes about the Harvard affirmative action case. Krislov also published an article in the Westchester County Business Journal titled “Investment in infrastructure, facilities pays off for Pace.”

Diverse Issues in Higher Education featured newly appointed Provost Vanya Quiñones, PhD, in their “On the Move” section.

“This is somebody who doesn't like the fact that he's being caught in his lies.”

Mimi Rocah, JD, featured in an NBC News article about Jerome Corsi and the Mueller Investigation. Rocah was also featured in articles about Michael Cohen’s guilty plea in The Federalist, Bloomberg, and Yahoo! News.

“It’s a critical conversation. It’s just astonishing how little health care professionals know about helping people with disabilities.”

Joanne Singleton, PhD, quoted in Greenwich Times about service dog training.

“As I found in my 2017 study on extremism in social networks and political blogs, rather than overt bigotry, most online hate looks a lot like fear.”

Adam Klein, PhD, writing in The Conversation about the relationship between online bigotry and real-world violence.

Lubin Professor Emeritus Robert G. Vambery, PhD, recently had his paper published in the Journal of Global Business and Technology. The paper, titled “Reciprocity or Trading Partner Exploitation: The Intent Versus the Reality of Globalization, A Quantitative Analysis,” scrutinizes large imbalances in macro-marketing access during globalization.

“When we started the Land Use Law Center at Pace Law School 25 years ago, we dedicated our efforts to promote sustainable development. We quickly learned that this meant working at the local level and reviewing comprehensive land use plans, zoning, and other land use regulations.”

John R. Nolon, JD, and Jessica Bacher, JD, writing in Westfair Online on sustainable development and fair housing.

“Everyone's tolerance threshold is different. We all feel impatient when certain things happen, but some more than others."

Daniel Baugher, PhD, quoted in LiveScience, in an article titled “Why Impatience Can Hurt Your Heart.”

Lubin Marketing professors Lynn Kahle, PhD, and Dennis Sandler, PhD, recently presented at the Sport Marketing Association annual conference held in Dallas, Texas. Their presentation topic was “Do Girls Just Want to Have Fun? Understanding Sports Consumer Behavior on Social Values."

“We’re not talking some misdemeanor drug charge, we’re talking about one of the most horrific and sensational murder trials in the city in years.”

Bennett Gershman, JD, quoted in The Wall Street Journal about the mistrial in the Queens jogger murder case. He was also quoted in a Newsday article titled “Two Long Island dumping cases, two different punishments.”

Hudson Valley 360 featured Elisabeth Haub School of Law Professor Jay Carlisle, JD, on his accomplishment of receiving an award for 40 years of teaching at Pace.

“Olive oil and avocado both contain heart healthy Omega-3 fats, while garlic provides protective benefits for heart health and has anti-cancer properties.”

Jessica Tosto, RD, featured in Aaptiv in an article about healthy recipe options for making dips. She was also quoted in a Popsugar article titled “Planning on a Keto Thanksgiving? Here’s what you need to know about Cranberry Sauce.”

The Journal News featured Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Rachel Carpenter in an article titled “Going Greek! Advantages of Fraternities and Sororities.”

“But they shouldn't have to listen to anonymous voices on their pages that are mean-spirited and whose angry speeches border on hate speech. In a free society, freedom of speech also means being able to have the freedom to not listen to somebody who you don't want to.”

Larry Chiagouris, PhDquoted in a Dallas Morning News article about the legality of politicians blocking constituents on social media.

Lubin Legal Studies and Taxation Professor Philip Cohen is a member of the Tax Executives Institute (TEI). Through the efforts of Professor Cohen, a Lubin graduate tax student, Hazera Akter Joya, was awarded a $3,500 scholarship from the Tax Executives Institute's New York City chapter.

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