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Fit to Print: February 2019

News Story

Pace Professors kept busy during the holiday break—talking political developments, publishing books, and much more in 2019’s inaugural edition of Fit to Print.

“Take an opportunity for self-reflection for an hour daily.”

—Assistant Director of Career Services Laureen Campanelli, quoted in an article for TheLadders about little ways to build a better career.

“But mentorship—both having a mentor and being a mentor—can also prove invaluable for those later in their careers, and not just those on their way up but those at the top of their games. That’s a kind of mentorship that gets less attention but that I’ve found immeasurably helpful.”

—Pace University President Marvin Krislov, who published an article in Forbes titled about the importance of mentoring, no matter the career stage. He was also featured in a Christian Science Monitor article about the evolving definition of diversity on campus.

Lubin Professor PV Viswanath, PhD, was interviewed by BBC Sounds for his role as a translator attempting to mediate a tragic hostage situation during the 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai.

Seidenberg Professor James Lawler, DPS, was featured on AHRC New York’s website in an article about the long-running Pace Service Learning Partnership.

“Treating people with respect, who can argue with that, but they’re kind of late to the party here, that’s the biggest problem,” he said. “It’s gratuitous and self-serving.”

—Lubin Professor Larry Chiagouris, PhD, quoted in the Washington Post about Gillette’s recent controversial ad.

Pace University Athletic Director Mark Brown was interviewed by Fios1 about Elementary School students visiting Pace and learning about nutrition.

“In looking at the Prohibition reformers, there was an idealism that inspired them and infused the movement. They believed that by eliminating alcohol, you would then have this improved society.”

—Dyson Associate Professor Maria Iacullo-Bird, PhD, quoted in Newsweek in an article about the 100th anniversary of the 18th Amendment.

PPA Professor Lee Evans, EdD, recently published Lee Evans Arranges Famous Latin Hits, 2nd Edition.

“Our students will be able to show people how to select, prepare, cook and enjoy healthful foods. Many people don’t realize that using fresh ingredients instead of lots of fat, sugar, and salt can be affordable, quite easy and delicious.”

Christen Cupples Cooper, EdD, RD, who published an article in the Westchester County Business Journal about CHP’s Nutrition and Dietetics program, and the evolving role of nutrition.

“Your pitch should intersect with what you already know the media is seeking.”

—Senior Director of Media Relations Cara Cea, quoted in the February 2019 edition of the Non-Profit Communications Report, a journal dedicated to media relations and communications in the non-profit industry.

Lubin Professor of Marketing Randi Priluck, PhD, was mentioned in an AdAge India article about the rise of chatbots on mobile phone.

“It seems like Trump is using this case as a bargaining chip in our trade deals and for financial gains.”

—Elisabeth Haub School of Law Professor Bennett Gershman, JD, quoted in The New Paper about the Huawei CFO case.

“Under the rules of evidence, you need to get the best or original document—to charge someone; to put into court—and obviously they would want to have that just to make sure that the copies that they were looking at are accurate. And more importantly, under the rules of evidence, you need to have the original documents eventually in court.”

—Elisabeth Haub School of Law Professor Mimi Rocah, JD, discussing the criminal case surrounding Roger Stone on MSNBC.