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Fit to Print: June 2018

News Story

Pace professors are keeping their cool in these latest media mentions. Check out what they’ve been up to this summer!

Media Mentions

“Immigrants don’t take jobs away, because it’s not a zero-sum question. They keep the United States internationally competitive.”

President Marvin Krislov, published in Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, discussing the necessity of protecting immigrant students.

“We believe that students learn best when they are active not only in the classroom, but outside [as well].”

President Marvin Krislov, interviewed by Fox 5 NY, about Professor Luskay’s documentary production course.

“We know that there are a lot of ways in which people of privilege benefit from their college years or having unpaid internships or having the social capital to get certain jobs.”

President Marvin Krislov, quoted by The Atlantic, regarding Pace’s strategies to recruit and retain low-income students.

“Over the years I've been able to design the projects where the students take responsibility for completing their [work].”

Gregg Ramsay, PhD, speaking to Inside Higher Ed about his success teaching online courses.

“Short of turning off our computers and leaving our cellphones in a basket by the door, what solutions do we have?”

Jonathan Hill, PhD, published in Westfair Online, discussing cybersecurity solutions for Westchester County.

“There is a growing body of research demonstrating that diversity leads to better decisions, performance, and profitability.”

Bruce Bachenheimer, interviewed by The New York Business Journal, about the new career center called Jopwell.

“Prosecutors do not control or decide a defendant’s sentence — that is the role of judges — so baseless threats that Cohen will spend the rest of his life in prison have no merit and would carry no weight with an experienced defense attorney.

Miriam Rocah, JD, co-published in The Hill, about the Michael Cohen case.

“Even if it’s negligent, sloppy, whatever—you’re violating the rules. You have to safeguard this information.”

Bennett Gershman, JD, quoted by the Washington Examiner, regarding the ‘leak’ of Robert Mueller’s planned interview questions.

“Students are learning in the field and experiencing another culture, another world, outside of their classroom.”

Maria Luskay, PhD, featured in The Examiner (PDF) for her documentary film class that traveled to Puerto Rico last year.

“We're hopeful that the people of Puerto Rico come through and pull themselves out of this devastation.”

Maria Luskay, PhD, interviewed by FIOS1, talking about her students’ documentary film Hope in the Dark.

“This 50-year-old statute is now being used in the high-tech digital age and it seems able to accommodate not only film and photography, but technology that involves the downloading of computer source code.”

Bennett Gershman, JD, quoted by Bloomberg, following a court decision to uphold the conviction of former Goldman Sachs programmer Sergey Aleynikov.

“During the filming—prior to us leaving—we lost power in Westchester [...] and everyone went crazy. Could you imagine [that] for six months?”

Maria Luskay, EdD, speaking to Tiempo on ABC, about how her students learned not to take life for granted after documenting the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

“It’s not enough for researchers to call it a day after they publish their results in journal articles read by a handful of colleagues and few, if any, people outside the ivory tower.”

Anne Toomey, published in The Associated Press, regarding the impact and accessibility of scholarly research.

“Compared to a country like Jamaica, where hostility or even physical violence toward gay men is common, it’s rare to find open expressions of hostility toward gays and lesbians in Havana.”

Michelle Chase, PhD, interviewed by NBC News, about Mariela Castro’s promise to push for same-sex marriage to be included in a constitutional reform.

“Our aim is to educate a group of students who go into the workforce with the skills to help people to make healthful food choices.”

Christen Cupples Cooper, EdD, RDN, interviewed by the Pleasantville Patch, regarding the new master’s program in nutrition and dietetics.

“The decision to withdraw from the Iran deal is truly irresponsible, putting political posturing above human security.”

Matthew Bolton, PhD, featured in Reuters, regarding the US withdrawn from the Iran deal.

“Photos or stories of women and children throughout the developing world traveling miles for water [...] is not enough. Our water walk helps Pace students briefly experience what it is like to have to do this every day.”

Michelle Land, JD, quoted by the Westchester County Business Journal (PDF), regarding the Walk for Water initiative at Pace.

“Seeking to get a measure of its value now is a smart idea because we are witnessing the merging of entertainment and advertising assets at a pace not seen in several years.”

Larry Chiagouris, PhD, quoted by The Associated Press, reflecting on the NASCAR franchise.

“I think the requirements are coming from a real misunderstanding of how SNAP benefits are used and families who are using them.”

Margot Pollans, JD, interviewed by Fox News, speaking about the controversial Farm Bill and food stamps.

“In international law, it is a custom that you keep your word. This is a violation of the international norm.”

Matthew Bolton, PhD, quoted by Newsweek, about the US leaving the Iran deal.

“Legal services are a key part of the infrastructure for a sustainable regional food economy.”

Margot Pollans, JD, interviewed by Civil Eats, discussing the new Pace-NRDC Food Law Initiative.

“There needs to be proper environmental studies and public health kind of studies and monitoring that is ongoing and can give people the information they need.”

Matthew Bolton, PhD, interviewed by Radio New Zealand, about the health issues people are experiencing on Kiritimati Island in the wake of British nuclear testing.

“[It can] help you learn how to read your baby’s signals and respond better to his unique needs.”

Dr. K. Mark Sossin, quoted by 96.1 Star FM, about the recent trend in baby spas.

“Is the prosecutor going to investigate the school board if they find evidence the criminal case was covered up?”

Bennett Gershman, JD, quoted by KSDK 5, regarding the sexual assault case and security questions facing St. Tammany schools.

“Somebody can be quite wealthy, for example, and hang onto that rent-controlled apartment in Manhattan for $500 a month. Well, great. But [then] the remaining apartments on the market go up.”

Andy Crosby, PhD, quoted by lohud, regarding gentrification in New Rochelle.

“Our hope is that more people reach out to help in whatever way they can and that the citizens of Puerto Rico get the assistance they so desperately need.”

Maria Luskay, EdD, featured in the Westchester County Business Journal (PDF), about the world premiere of Puerto Rico: Hope in the Dark.

“This was a pay-off to major campaign contributors, where their interests prevailed over those of the nation.”

Philip G. Cohen, JD, published in The Hill, about the hearing regarding the impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

“It’s equally as problematic, if not more, because the jury pool here is the American public.”

Mimi Rocah, JD, quoted by Vanity Fair, on why Robert Mueller isn’t taking Rudy Giuliani’s bait.

“It ends up affecting a lot of small businesses that may not know they needed the permit in the first place, or may not have a compliance officer.”

Karl Coplan, JD, quoted by E&E News, regarding the recent Clean Water Act citizen suits.

“You don’t have to provide definitive answers to the more subjective questions, but these are things you really should consider.”

Grant Kretchik and JV Mercanti, interviewed by, about tips when auditioning for college performing arts programs.

“I absolutely think this is going to end up in a plea deal because I don’t see the defense as having much shot at being successful.”

Bennett Gershman, JD, quoted by The Hollywood Reporter, regarding Harvey Weinstein’s legal case.

“How did Amazon’s delivery-on-demand subscription service get so big so fast? The answer: taxpayer dollars and the decimation of our local economies.”

Paul Rafelson, JD, published in CNN, about why Amazon Prime should be available for everyone at no cost.

“For the longest time, ads presented the typical American household as Caucasian, heterosexual, two children and two cars in the driveway.”

Larry Chiagouris, PhD, quoted by The New York Times, regarding the rise of interracial couples depicted in advertising.

“This is going to hopefully go with them when they go into middle school and high school and have the skills they need in college.”

Pauline Mosley, EdD, interviewed by The Journal News, regarding the new STEAM after-school program for elementary-aged White Plains students.

“By saying that we'll accept their GRE scores, we are saving them money, because they don't have to take another test.”

Emily Gold Waldman, JD, interviewed by U.S. News & World Report, about Pace’s option for JD applicants to submit their GRE scores instead of requiring an LSAT.

“For years, Asian-Americans have been viewed as the ‘model minority’—you know, quiet and well-behaved. But when we see the effects of social engineering on the future of our children, we can get nasty against the politicians too.”

Chunyan Li, PhD, quoted by The Wall Street Journal, following the protests to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s push to substitute de facto racial quotes for merit-based admission tests at elite NYC public schools.

“Lawyers who speak publicly have a unique potential to influence people’s views not only as jurors, but as litigants and as citizens.”

Mimi Rocah, JD, quoted by the New York Law Journal, about whether ‘talking head’ experts have ethical responsibilities when covering cases.

“Advertisers know that time heals all wounds.”

Larry Chiagouris, PhD, quoted by The Wall Street Journal, about brand safety issues in the wake of a major cultural shift.

“To Kim Jong-un, political survival and power consolidation dictate his decision to reduce tensions with the US.”

Joseph Tse-hei Lee, PhD, published in Taipei Times, regarding the milestone summit between North Korea and the US.


Upcoming Media Mentions

PPA Professor Lee Evans, EdD, will publishConsonance vs. Dissonance: Inborn or Cultural?” in the July/August issue of Clavier Companion. He will also publish “The Value of a Liberal Arts Education” in the Summer 2018 issue of Piano Guild Notes.