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Fit to Print: May 2018

News Story

As the warmer weather (finally) rolls in, Pace professors aren’t taking a break just yet—they’re lending their expertise to several publications, and we’ve got it all here for you. Talk about summer reading!


“Trump’s earlier famous lawyer Roy Cohn was disbarred. He probably was one of the most reviled lawyers to ever practice.” 

Bennett Gershman, JDquoted by the Washington Examiner, regarding Trump’s mentor was disbarred in 1986.


“Our mission really is to take something that is just about ready to be launched and put it on its feet.” 

Amy Rogers, interviewed by American Theater, about the groundbreaking Pace New Musicals program.


“We are determined to prove how students with autism spectrum disorder and other learning differences contribute to the community and society.” 

Janet Mulvey, PhDpublished in Westfair Online, explaining the OASIS program.


“My path early in my career and even now is because I’m a risk-taker. I like the idea of making an impact and doing something to help this profession.”

Harriet Feldman, PhD, interviewed by Women in Higher Education, about her career and work in Pace’s nursing program.


“There’s so much of the community that is not going to be around, and I don’t think people realize that, in six months, maybe a year when the full force of what is happening is realized.” 

Paul Rafelson, JDquoted by Retail Dive, regarding the e-commerce sales tax debate.


“Should hatred and vengeance continue to drive our penal system? Or is justice and humanity better served by [parole]?” 

Bennett Gershman, JD, and Michael Mushlin JD, co-published in Times Union, discussing the recent parole of Herman Bell.


“I came back from a sabbatical ten years ago and thought: What can I do? I realized that I should start keeping track of my own carbon footprint.” 

Karl Coplan, JD, interviewed by Nyack News, who spoke about his life on a carbon emission “budget” of four tons a year.


“These individuals have served their time, they are back in society. Why deny them the ability to participate in the democratic process?” 

Bennett Gersham, JD, quoted by News12, regarding Governor Andrew Cuomo’s order to restore the voting rights of 35,000 parolees.


“I genuinely believe that this is something Governor Cuomo is doing as a result of a demographic search.” 

Darrin Porcher, interviewed by NY1, in response to the recent order to restore the voting rights of 35,000 parolees in New York State.


“We hope that representatives of the tug and barge industry, who have also been active in Washington, agree with the Clinic that these issues need not be at odds.” 

John Cronin , interviewed by the Daily Voice, regarding his recent visit with students to Washington, DC, where they advocated for issues related to the Hudson River.


“The Democratic base is a lot more energized since the election of President Trump.” 

George Picoulas , quoted by The New York Times, in regards to the special elections being held in New York that will decide 11 races.


“We’re in the early stages of trying to figure out what kind of regulation makes sense here. It’s going to take quite some time to sort that out.” 

Larry Chiagouris, PhD, quoted by The Washington Post, about the scrutiny surrounding Facebook and whether Google is next.


“I think he flips because I think he committed a lot of crimes, and he has got a lot of jail time that he's facing for that reason.” 

Mimi Rocah, JD, interviewed by ABC News, about Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen and whether he’s going to cooperate with prosecutors.


“[Facebook’s standards] will not satisfy anyone’s needs.” 

Larry Chiagouris PhD, quoted by Inside Higher Ed, in regards to the recent ban of a student group from the University of Chicago for hate speech.


Lubin Professor Robert Vambery, PhD, was a recipient of a Best Paper Award at the New Orleans Conference of the Academy of Business Research, which is now included in the Academy’s refereed Journal of Marketing Perspectives. He is currently US co-chair for the 2018 twentieth annual conference of the Global Business and Technology Association in Bangkok, Thailand. A frequent presenter of research papers at the Association’s conferences, Vambery was a recipient of the Association’s Global Excellence Award in 2008 and 2017.


Gary Laerner ’80 has joined Pace as our new vice president for development and alumni relations, effective April 30. Laerner is a seasoned nonprofit fundraising professional, most recently as senior vice president and chief development officer for the YMCA of Greater New York, and will be bringing his expertise to lead Pace’s fundraising efforts and alumni engagement. We are thrilled to welcome Laerner to the Pace Community in this role.