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Fit to Print: October 2017

News Story

Pace professors don’t stop educating when they step out of the classroom. Take a look at all their latest work from media quotes to published works to special awards!

Media Mentions

“No person is above the law, even a president. Whether that lesson applies to Trump may be decided soon.”
—Elisabeth Haub School of Law Professor Bennett Gershman, JD, published in The Daily Beast. He breaks down why Robert Mueller may have to give President Donald Trump immunity.


“It's not like the Yahoo breach where you could reset your password. Your information is gone.”
—Seidenberg Assistant Professor Darren Hayes, DPS, quoted in The Daily Mail. He discusses the recent Equifax security breach and what data hackers are looking for.


“There’s a real war on lawful immigration, not just illegal immigration.”
—Elisabeth Haub School of Law Professor Vanessa Merton, JD, quoted in the USA Today Network, referring to “dreamers,” or DACA recipients.


“You’re talking about people who are essentially Americans, who contribute to our society.”
—Elisabeth Haub School of Law Professor Tom McDonnell, JD, quoted in the same USA Today Network article listed above.


“By posting that [Google] memo, [James Damore] forfeited his job.”
—Dyson Clinical Professor Jennifer Lee Magas, JD, quoted by the Houston Chronicle in association with The Associated Press regarding the former Google employee's controversial memo.


“People who might've bought at Walmart will find it's cost-conscious to shop [at Whole Foods].”
—Lubin Professor Larry Chiagouris, PhD, quoted in USA Today about Amazon and Whole Foods becoming more affordable for the average shopper.


“As a junior scholar and queer writer, junk represents what it means to go out on a limb, to write something indeterminate, to put one’s inchoate ‘stuff’ out there.”
—Dyson Assistant Professor Jason Whitesel, PhD, in MELK, a Norwegian queer culture magazine. He examines the concept of “social junk,” or people who are deemed dispensable in capitalism.

Published Works

Dyson Associate Professor Emilie Zaslow, PhD, published Playing with America’s Dollan analysis of the American Girl brand and what its books and dolls communicate to girls about femininity, racial identity, ethnicity, and what it means to be American.   

Elisabeth Haub School of Law Professor David Cassuto, JD, PhD, and recent Elisabeth Haub School of Law graduate Cayleigh Eckhardt, JD, were referenced in The Regulatory Review for their recent paper. They’re calling for the creation of a new federal agency, the Animal Welfare Agency (AWA), which would be responsible for protecting agricultural animals.

Dyson Associate Professor Ama Wattley, PhD, is the co-editor of the recently published collection Gloria Naylor’s Fiction: Explorations of Class and Capitalism, which features quotes from, among others, acclaimed author bell hooks. 

Dyson Professor Joseph Franco, PhD, recently published Aspirations of Italian-American College Students: The Impact of Family Traditions, Mentorship, Career Interventions, and Counseling for Professional Success

Lubin Professor Aron Gottesman, PhD, co-authored the recently published book Understanding Systemic Risk in Global Financial Market, which explores the fundamentals of systematic risk and key critical policies that work to reduce systemic risk and promote financial stability.

Special Awards

Dyson Professor Yvonne Rafferty, PhD, was selected by the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board for a Fulbright Scholar Award to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Studies Research Program.

“I am really delighted to receive the Fulbright Award,” says Rafferty. 


Lubin Professor Robert Vambery, PhD, won the 2017 Global Excellence Award at the 19th International Conference of the Global Business and Technology Association held in Vienna, Austria.

“Are some significant trade wars about to be launched, or are we just witnessing the beginnings of some self-defending actions by countries, especially the US, hurt by many years of less than fair trade practices?” says Vambery in his presentation entitled “Victory in International Business: The Simultaneous Practice of Mercantilism and Globalization.”


Lubin Assistant Professors Matthew Reidenbach, PhD, and Ping Wang, PhD, presented “Heartland Payment Systems: Cybersecurity Impact on Audits and Financial Statement Contingencies” in San Diego, CA. They received “Best Contribution to Teaching Award” from the American Accounting Association’s (AAA) Professionalism and Ethics Committee and Public Interest Section.

“While Heartland Payment Systems built its reputation as an industry leader in credit card servicing, [a data breach] provides several valuable learning points for financial accounting and auditing students,” says the duo.  


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