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First-gen student Nick Louisma ’20 wanted the best of both worlds when he came to Pace: a major in information systems with a minor in business. Now, he’s honing his skills in cybersecurity while hoping to one day earn his MBA.

Nick Louisma ’20, a first-generation student and US citizen, has his eyes on the prize. For him, that means one day starting his own company. “I wanted to pursue a degree in entrepreneurship,” he told us, and it was Pace’s bevy of business opportunities that sealed the deal for him when researching colleges. But it wasn’t business he ultimately decided on—at least not as a major. “I chose information technology because of the variety of technical skills the degree offers within its courses,” Louisma explained, who also concentrated on cybersecurity in particular. “I tied [that in] with my minor in business because [...] I also want to obtain my MBA and get some vital working experience along the way.”

That drive has earned Louisma a number of impressive job and internship opportunities like with insurance company Affinion Group, Grasshopper Bank, the Pace IT department, Residential Life as an RA, and most recently, at NBC Sports Group. “It was definitely a surreal experience to realize that I am actually interning there,” Louisma told us. It was something that crystalized for him during NFL season. “The company threw a BBQ with tons of great food,” he said, “And they also had a Sunday Night Football Bus where they had tons of football gear signed by actual players.”

He’s adapted to many different working environments over the course of his time at Pace. Now in his second year as a seasoned RA, and the CEO fig of Alumni Hall, he’s pretty much seen it all. “We’re first responders, a 24/7 student resource, a friend/colleague, a policy enforcer, a therapist, and more,” Louisma said. “I applied to the position because I have had many great RAs before that helped me in my early years in college, and I wanted to do the same for others.”

Part of his job is assisting first-year students with their transition to life at Pace, a responsibility he takes very seriously. “Some of them are local and other come from faraway places, [so] we try to help the in four main areas: academic success, personal development, multicultural understanding, and sense of community.”

Louisma has also acted as the president of Delta Sigma Pi, treasurer of the Urban Male Initiative, participated in the National Cyber League (held here at Pace!), and he even worked on launching a student-run business. “Pace Keeping [was] a business pitch that a couple of students and I were working on during our freshman and sophomore year of college,” he explained. The business would have offered a dorm room cleaning service on the PLV Campus, and while it didn’t end up happening, “We learned a lot throughout the pitch and throughout the process of getting it started.”

For all his business savvy and technological know-how, Louisma actually almost majored in fine art. “Drawing is [a] great stress reliever for me,” he told us—and he still draws today! “I have my own art page and I plan on making artwork that I can put on clothing and selling it.”

We look forward to everything Louisma will surely accomplish across all his diverse interests and experience in several industries! From business to technology to everything in-between, you will be sure to see Louisma’s name among other c-suite executives one day.

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