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Maintaining Our Safe Pace

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The semester is nearing the halfway point, and it's more important than ever to continue maintaining Our Safe Pace. View case information via our COVID-19 Dashboard, learn more about Pace's COVID testing initiative, and learn how you can continue to help create a healthy, safe, and thriving campus environment.

While life on campus may look and feel different this semester, Pace continues to be committed to ensuring the health and safety of our community. It is imperative that we all continue to ensure a successful and productive semester. Below are a few resources and important notices, that will help continue to create Our Safe Pace. 

COVID-19 Dashboard 

This dashboard represents all available data on all three Pace University campuses. It is updated each evening and includes all data from the previous day.

>>View the COVID-19 Dashboard

In addition to providing daily updated data, a color-coded alert level system has been adopted to more easily understand the climates of our campuses. Learn more about each alert level.

COVID-19 Testing Initiative 

Each week, a random sample of 25 percent of our on-campus population—including residential and commuter students, plus faculty and staff who come to each campus—will participate in a self-obtained test during which you will be instructed on how to collect your saliva. The results will be available in the same rapid time frame (24–48 hours). This is a less invasive sampling technique that will make it easy for community members to continue with our monitoring program.

We’ll test in the early part of the week each week, and we’ll have results back in (24–48 hours. Any positive cases will immediately be notified and given further instructions, and their contacts will be identified and contacted. Our contact tracing programs will work in collaboration with local county Departments of Health for each campus. You can find more information about our community monitoring program on our Return to Campus website. You can also track these results on the COVID-19 dashboard

Maintaining Our Safe Pace

For any questions about Pace's ongoing plan, be sure to visit Pace's Return to Campus website for pertinent information, FAQs, and updates, and continue to use the Pace Safe App to complete your COVID-19 daily self-assessment, and receive important safety alerts 

We’re in this together!