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March 2017: Fit to Print

News Story

Our faculty and staff are weighing in on immigration ban, "fake news," Super Bowl advertising, and more in this month’s Fit to Print.

Pace University President Stephen J. Friedman published an op-ed in the Daily News regarding private colleges and tuition assistance. He was also featured in a Journal News article and video centered around this topic. 

Lubin Associate Professor David Gertner, PhD, has continued his research on consumer behavior and the obesity epidemic, and was the leading author of two recently published peer reviewed articles. “Calories and Cents: Customer Value and the Fight Against Obesity,” was published by the Social Marketing Quarterly, and “Coca-Cola and the Fight Against the Global Obesity Epidemic,” was published by the Thunderbird International Business Review.

Dyson Assistant Professor Judith Pajo, PhD, had her article, "Recycling Entrepreneurs: Reflections on the Enterprise of 'Scavenging' Beverage Containers in Berlin and New York" published in the International Journal of Anthropology and Linguistics Anthropos.

Dyson Professor Janetta Rebold Benton, PhD, was quoted in The Washington Post article, “Hot or not?" She lends her expertise to an analysis of the beauty ideals represented in art from the past, and contrasts them to today's standards of beauty.

Dyson Associate Professor Satish Kolluri, PhD, was quoted on NBC News about reports of mass sexual harassment in India during the New Year's celebration. He commented on the police action taken after reports of sexual assault, and the “social systemic problem” that exists in India.

Dyson Senior Fellow John Cronin was quoted in CBS News about the proposed renaming of the Tappan Zee Bridge.

Elisabeth Haub School of Law Professor Thomas M. McDonnell, JD, was quoted in an article in The Hill concerning how Trump’s travel ban could hamper U.S. tourism and business.

Lubin Professor Larry Chiagouris, PhD, said we are at the “beginning of the beginning” when it comes to defining what fake news is in an Associated Press article concerning the issue. He was also featured in a Fox 5 News video titled “Can ‘fake news’ be stopped?”

Lubin Professor Narendra C. Bhandari, PhD, appeared on Swiss TV in an interview titled "Trump versus Mexico."

Lubin Professor Larry Chiagouris, PhD, weighed in on Super Bowl ad strategy in an Agence France-Presse article. He was also quoted in a USA Today article the power of laughter in Super Bowl ads. Additionally, he was quoted in an Advertising Age article about GNC’s feud with Fox and what it means for the future of Super Bowl advertising.

Dyson Associate Professor Matthew Bolton, PhD, wrote an opinion column for The Hill about how Trump’s UN attacks are dangerous to American foreign policy. He also wrote another opinion piece for The Hill concerning how the world is safer because of the Iran deal. He also commented in a Wall Street Journal article about the Trump administration’s stance on the United States’ involvement in the United Nations.

Joan Tucker, director of the Encore Transition Program at Pace University, was quoted in Kiplinger’s Retirement Report about joining a nonprofit as an encore career.

Lubin Professor and eLab Director Bruce Bachenheimer was quoted about business models in consolidating fragmented industries in a New York Business Journal article.

Dyson Professor and Faculty Council Chair David Rahni wrote a response to an article concerning the immigration ban and he was published in USA Today.

Pace Performing Arts Professor Lee Evans, EdD, published a new solo piano book, Opera with a Touch of Jazz, a follow-up to his book Classics with a Touch of Jazz. The new book is available March 2.  

Dyson Professor Eugene Richie was interviewed for a February 2017 issue of Words Without Borders, on his co-editing of the two volume "Collected French Translations," of the internationally renowned poet John Ashbery.

The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Inside Higher Ed, all published articles about the naming of Pace’s eighth president, Marvin Krislov, JD, and he was quoted in both. The Associated Press, Westchester County Business Journal, and Journal News also wrote an article about the new president.