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March: Presidential Blog Round Up

News Story

This month's blog round up is brought to you by the letter "P" and the number "four." The Pace Prez is talking about progress in Pleasantville and the Provost's Finish in Four campaign.

Progress in Pleasantville: “…Our physical renewal in Pleasantville will lead to greater interest in, and growth of, our academic programs. We’ve seen it before. When we renovated the science labs in Pleasantville, enrollment in our science programs went up. When we created a new state-of-the-art home at 140 William Street in New York City for our performing arts program, enrollment jumped and our ability to recruit and retain high-quality faculty members also improved. We expect the same result in Pleasantville from this major project.”

Finish in Four: "Finishing in four isn’t difficult—it just takes the commitment, dedication, and hard work Pace students are known for, combined with the thoughtful planning they do with their advisers. Pace faculty and staff are very supportive of this initiative and there is no doubt in my mind that once our students commit to Finish in Four, they’ll do it!"