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May: Fit to Print

News Story

From cyber spoofing to preparing children for school while they're still in the womb, Pace faculty and staff are sounding off and making waves in the news.

Professor of Political Science and Pace President Emeritus David Caputo, PhD, spoke with Richard French of RNN about the early start on the 2016 presidential race; he was also quoted in the New York Observer about the effects of Bill de Blasio’s decision to snub former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Adrienne Kapstein, assistant professor in the international performance ensemble program, was chosen as a lead artist on WASHETERIA, a site-specific theater experience for children and adults produced by Soho Rep Theatre, which features episodes directed by Kapstein and others. WASHETERIA was recently highlighted in the Wall Street Journal.

Brian Gregory from Academic Technologies and Seidenberg Professor James Lawler, DPS, presented at the CUNY Accessibility Conference on Friday, May 1. Their presentation highlighted ePortfolio access for students with disabilities.

The Russell Sage Foundation has fully funded a two-year qualitative study of everyday class-based dynamics by Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology Andrea Voyer, PhD, titled “The Etiquette of Inequality of Democratic Spaces.”

Dean of the Lubin School of Business Neil Braun appeared on Accounting Today’s podcast to discuss a partnership linking ACCA’s globally-recognized qualification program to graduate and undergraduate coursework at Pace University. On April 22, he was awarded a Corporate Social Responsibility award for Outstanding Achievement in Promoting Environmental Sustainability through Education and Applied Management.

Clinical Professor of Management and Executive Director of Pace’s Entrepreneurship Lab Bruce Bachenheimer was quoted in a Forbes article on entrepreneurial life in the wake of the Sharing Economy.

Dyson Adjunct Professor Michael Gillen, PhD, will be going on his book tour in May and June to promote Merchant Marine Survivors of World War II, published by McFarland in December. He will be speaking at the Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia on Saturday, May 16, and The Mariners' Museum in Newport News, Virginia, on Monday, May 18. Another speaking engagement and book signing is scheduled for June 6 at the Barnes & Noble in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania.

Joseph Morreale, PhD, chairman of the Economics Department at the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, was quoted in an article by the Journal News about 14 Westchester communities looking to levy a long-term hotel tax, which would allow them to add up to 3% on hotel room rates, and standardize it across multiple cities.

Professor Nigel Yarlett, PhD, and his students at the the Haskin Laboratories at the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences were awarded a $200,000 grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to further their research on a cure for cryptosporidiosis, which has a death toll of over 100,000 annually and no existing cure. Researchers at the Haskin Laboratories previously discovered two of the only treatments for Human African trypanosomiasis, or sleeping sickness.

James Gabberty, DPS, professor of information technology, was quoted in an article by Homeland Security Today about US President Barack Obama’s executive order that authorizes the Department of the Treasury to impose sanctions on and freeze assets of individuals or entities engaging in cyber activities or attacks that result in a significant threat to the United States of America. Gabberty was also quoted in an Epoch Times article about Google’s announcement regarding unauthorized, corrupt digital certificates issued by the CNNICC, the China Internet Network Information Center, which are being employed to deceive Internet users by “spoofing,” or pretending to be popular sites, and provide access for hackers to steal valuable information from users.

John Nolon, professor of law, was quoted in The Hartford Courant on an article about the “Scarborough 11,” a group of eight adults and three children who share a single nine-bedroom residence on Scarborough Street in Hartford, who have filed a complaint in federal district court citing that they are part of a functioning, taxpaying household, that are being evicted by Hartford zoning laws.

Francine Falk-Ross, PhD, professor and literacy program coordinator at the School of Education, was cited in an article on pre-natal development for The Journal News, discussing the importance of expectant mothers to continue talking to their unborn children, to spur development of their brains.

Lissa Griffin, professor of law, studied the defense strategy for the Etan Patz case and provided commentary on it for an article in the Washington Post.

David Yassky, dean of the Pace University School of Law, was published in the Wall Street Journal with a well-informed letter to the editor regarding a May 18 article in U.S. News about the difficulty facing law schools to find jobs for their students, and the ABA’s poor reporting rules for student employment with JDs.

The Northeast Solar Energy Market Coalition, which Pace University is one of two participating university members, was approved for and awarded a $600,000 cooperative agreement for three years from the US Department of Energy. The coalition’s goal is to be “the voice for solar in the Northeast” by effectively communicating with regulators and other Northeast associations, as well as embracing best practices in the field.

Joseph Salerno, PhD, professor of economics at the Lubin School of Business, recently organized and directed the Austrian Economic Research Conference that took place at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, on March 12, and has had a book published in his honor. The book, The Next Generation of Austrian Economics: Essays in Honor of Joseph T. Salerno, has essays written by the co-editors Per Bylund and David Howden as well as other colleagues whose work he directed.

Steven Mezzio, assistant clinical professor at the Lubin School of Business, has worked with the executive board members of Beta Alpha Psi and Bloomberg’s America’s Regional Manager to forge a new partnership with the Bloomberg Institute, and establish “Bloomberg Insight Day—Pace University,” which made it possible for a group of 30 graduate and undergraduate Lubin students to visit Bloomberg’s headquarters.

Jason Whitesel, PhD, a professor in the Women’s and Gender Studies Department, contributed an article to about the academic influences behind his latest work of cultural ethnography, Fat Gay Men: Girth, Mirth, and the Politics of Stigma—which was the subject of an interview with Ohio State’s Racial Democracy Crime and Justice Network, and recently named one of’s “18 Must-Read LGBT Books We Missed Last Year.”

Adjunct Professor of Biology Michael Levandowsky, PhD, was quoted in a Gothamist article about research he's doing in the Newtown Creek, which separates Brooklyn and Queens, and is currently filled with patches of blooming Eutreptiella algae, contributing to the Creek’s green appearance.

Lubin School of Business Professor Andrew O. Coggins, PhD, was quoted in an article by Travel Weekly on the recent changes of leadership at major cruise companies, and by the LA Times in an article regarding the root causes of the Mediterranean migration crisis.

Professor of Law Randolph McLaughlin was quoted in a USA Today article describing the difficulty of prosecuting police officers for egregious conduct, due to issues of pre-existing credibility and familiarity with prosecutors, as well as an article for the Miami Herald and the Agence France Presse; he also co-wrote an article for The Hill’s “Congress Blog” about the need for police departments to equip officers and cars with cameras to protect themselves and the public from abusive practices.