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This Is Pace: Outcomes

News Story

This is Pace—the University-wide ad campaign that launched in 2017—has improved Pace’s perception vs. competitive schools in the New York metropolitan area.

You’ve seen it riding the Metro North and LIRR; while scrolling through articles in The New York Times; on the subway platforms. This is Pace, the multi-faceted ad campaign that launched in January 2017, continues to make headway. Through pre- and post-campaign survey results, we are happy to report that the campaign is making an impact, as our messaging continues to disseminate across the New York metropolitan area.

  • >> Since the launch of the campaign, Pace University awareness in New York City and Westchester has jumped 10 percentage points
  • >> The survey indicated that there is improved perception for Pace in terms of academic quality, award-winning research, internship and job placement reputation, teaching excellence, and value
  • >> The perception of Pace offering strong academic programs is up 15.5% as compared to pre-campaign survey results
  • >> Pace also experienced improved perception vs. our competitive set, including Baruch, Fordham, Hofstra, and NYU

The campaign, which will continue through June 2018, seeks to leverage the results we’ve already experienced while updating the messaging to focus on outcomes and upward mobility—in 2017, Pace was ranked second in the nation at catapulting students from the bottom fifth of income distribution into the top fifth by a study published in The New York Times.

When the campaign concludes in June, the University will conduct another survey in hopes of seeing additional increases in awareness and perception.