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PPA Gets School-ed

News Story

Pace officially unveils its new School of Performing Arts, Manhattan’s first Performing Arts School in nearly 50 years.

On May 16, 2014, Pace University officially unveiled its new School of Performing Arts, Manhattan’s first performing arts school in nearly 50 years. The newly minted Pace School of Performing Arts (PPA) began as the University’s flourishing Performing Arts department, which over the last three years has experienced unprecedented growth in applications and enrollment.  To accommodate this leap in reputation and popularity, Pace Performing Arts moved into the 50,000 square foot building at 140 William Street in downtown Manhattan.

“The Board of Trustees’ approval of Pace’s long-established undergraduate performing arts program as a school within the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences is emblematic of Pace's leadership in the performing arts by providing innovative programs for today's most talented students,” says Pace University President Stephen J. Friedman. “Pace is fast becoming a cultural hub for the performing arts in Lower Manhattan with its expanding performing arts offerings and facilities along with superb programming at the Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts.”

With the motto of “re-imagining training for the 21st century,” a Pace Performing Arts education straddles the fine balance between meeting the demands of today’s rapidly evolving entertainment industry and long-established, traditional instruction.

In the last two years, Pace has established eight new or redesigned degree programs that address gaps in the performing arts educational environment. In September 2014, Pace School of Performing Arts will introduce three new progressive performing arts majors geared specifically to today’s job market. The degrees include a new Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Acting for Film, Television, Voice-overs and Commercials; a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Production and Design for Stage and Film; and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Stage Management. The BFA in Acting for Film, Television, Voice-overs, and Commercials major is the first undergraduate program in the U.S. focused entirely on training the actor for work in front of the camera and microphone. Additionally, the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Commercial Dance is the only one of its kind in New York City offering comprehensive dance training that bridges the gap between classical dance technique and the professional world of commercial dance.  

“We are very excited that Pace is making this major step in recognizing the growth in enrollment and prestige of Pace Performing Arts by establishing the School of Performing Arts in the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences,” comments Nira Herrmann, dean of Pace’s Dyson College. “Together with our new building at 140 William Street and our leading-edge performing arts programs, PPA is poised to deliver an exceptional educational experience to students, leading to professional training that is unparalleled and located in what is arguably the global capital for the performing arts, New York City.”

Jorge Cacheiro, the executive director of Pace’s new School of Performing Arts, says, “At Pace Performing Arts, we are committed to being a national leader in undergraduate training for today's industry. We already feel we are among the most innovative programs in the nation. Now as a recognized School of Performing Arts in New York, we become an even a more attractive destination for young artists seeking a career on stage and media. I want to personally thank Dean Herrmann and President Friedman for recognizing the importance of the arts at Pace University and for their unwavering support in helping the University's new School of Performing Arts become a reality.”

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