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Presidents Scholar Nathan Siegel ’20 is a specialist in communications with several internships and Pace Press credits to his name. But it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work the premiere of Netflix’s Black Mirror that solidified his passion for PR.

As a Presidents Scholar and member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, Nathan Siegel ’20 has the drive and passion necessary to succeed. He’s worked several internships at film festivals, cultural institutions, publicity firms, and Fortune 500 companies. But where does that motivation come from? His answer surprised us. “I am definitely not motivated by letter grades,” Siegel said right off the bat. “I have always been influenced by my dad, who is an incredibly hard-working person. He impressed on me the importance of doing a good job, and I saw him find success through his work ethic. I try to apply that work ethic to what I’m interested in, so it’s hard not to be motivated.”

Initially, he had his eye on pursuing a career in the publishing industry. Siegel was not only the editor of his high school newspaper, he also reviewed books for local papers as well. “I’ve always liked writing because it comes naturally to me,” he explained. It’s why he began contributing extensively to The Pace Press when he came to Pace, both as an editor and a writer. The most rewarding part was “definitely the social aspect,” he said. “We spent a good amount of time together every week, and also off-campus. Everyone who winds up working [on] the paper is always extremely kind and welcoming.”

He ultimately chose to major in communications, however. The decision was solidified when Siegel interned as a press coordinator at the Chelsea Film Festival during his very first semester in NYC. “I’ve always loved books and still do, but [...] I realized that working in entertainment would allow me to be part of something that excited me even more.” Siegel would later take on a sociology/anthropology minor after signing up for a course in those subjects, too, which was influenced quite a bit by the politics at the time. It was, after all, during the 2016 US Presidental Election. “I always looked forward to class because of how timely and interesting it was,” he explained.

From there, Siegel explored his interest in communications by pursuing a number of internships, including for PPG Industries and ID Public Relations. But it was an opportunity with the Paley Center for Media that opened new doors for him. Siegel was part of the communications team there, which meant he got to work on the premiere of one of his favorite shows. You might have heard of it before: Black Mirror.

Yeah. That Netflix show.

“On the night of the premiere, I was in the green room with the cast—all of these actors who I respect—watching the show for the first time with them sitting right there. It was a very surreal experience,” Siegel told us. “It wasn’t just the star factor that confirmed that I wanted to do public relations. It was the fact that I’d been a part of something that big.”

Siegel is also big on collecting and repurposing old materials from previous jobs, too. He incorporates print materials from all the different internships and jobs he’s had into the collages, and he includes vintage books and magazines as well. “I was asked by a friend to make a collage for the cover art of their new single, so I am excited for that to come out. It will be my first published art project,” he told us. We’re so excited to see what project Siegel takes on next!

(Photo credit: Seth Corcuera)

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