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Setting the Pace | 2020 Cohort

News Story

For the last year, these exceptional Pace employees have been honing their managerial skills, gaining the tools they need to manage successfully, and committing themselves to professional development.

Setting the Pace is an intensive, twelve-month management development program designed to help ensure Pace’s future success through its first-line people—management. Setting the Pace helps participants focus on their personal and managerial skills and helps them to develop the competencies and tools required for the exceptional management of others. Acceptance into the program is the result of nomination and rigorous selection process by representatives of Pace University’s Management Council. 

While COVID-19 disrupted all the in-person networking and educational programming, this cohort did not miss a beat and easily made the transition into a fully virtual environment. We celebrate this cohort, not only for their accomplishments, but for their successes and resiliency.

Congratulations to the 2020 Setting the Pace cohort on their tenacity, adaptability, and talents!

See who is in the cohort and what their nominators had to say about them to be accepted into this prestigious program:

Leslie Amodio
Graduate Admission Counselor
VP for Enrollment Management

“Leslie made clear the intention to make higher education her life’s work. She embodies each of Pace’s five service standards, particularly her proactive nature as she always seems to be two steps ahead. I am always in awe of her speed and accuracy. She is patient when training, yet passionate when advocating for a student. She represents the department, and the University, with such professionalism that we readily assign her stretch tasks with campus constituents.”

Janike Bradshaw
Program Coordinator One Card
Auxiliary Services

“Janike would be a fantastic addition to the program and has demonstrated strong service standards since the day we began working together in September 2016.  She has been the point person for several advanced degree programs in Graduate Admission (MPA, Mental Health Counseling, Combined Degree) and has been trusted by International Students and Scholars as a DSO (Designated School Official), issuing I20s, and working closely with Pace’s international student population.”

Jasmine Campos
Sr. Talent Acquisition Mgr.
Human Resources

“Jasmine is one of the hardest working professionals I have met in a long time. Jasmine is determined to learn as much as she can, as fast as she can, and apply it to as many situations she can in order to help someone have an outstanding talent acquisition experience. She demonstrates this by her high energy and her desire to accept every challenge thrown her way.”

Cicero Clamor
Associate Art Director
University Relations

“Cicero is a team-player with a positive attitude who’s willing to ensure that things get done correctly and that challenges are handled promptly and professionally. He is reliable, calm, and works well under pressure.”

Jemima (Mimi) Fortune
Associate Director, SDCA
Student Affairs, NYC Campus

“Mimi oversees Pace’s new student Orientation program, and, in that role, she manages and supervises 21 Orientation Leaders and three interns. Mimi takes her role as supervisor seriously and works to approach this role purposefully and developmentally. She is always eager to enhance her skills and quench her thirst for personal development.”

Louis Guglielmo
Client Support Supervisor
Information Technology Services

“Louis displays exceptional technical and service skills and has become one my most valuable and reliable employees. His dedication to his work and the University is hard to come by.”

Nicole Harrow
Advising Manager, Pace Online Administration
Professional Education and Special Programs

“Nicole is an active listener, manages her time efficiently, demonstrates professionalism, and is always conscientious and accountable about the quality of her work.”

Nilam Kotadia
Associate Director, Residential Life
Student Affairs, PLV Campus

“Nilam has worked very hard since she stepped foot on our campus about a two and a half ago.  There is never a project that she has thought was too big and is a huge proponent of making change to increase the productivity of my office while keeping the needs of the student at the center of everything she does.”

Greg Murphy
Head of Research and Circulation Services
Birnbaum Library

“Greg is a lifelong learner always seeking to improve his knowledge and professional competencies. In May 2019 Greg completed a master’s degree in American history, which he completed while working full-time.”

Patrick O'Connor
Director of Student Services
Elisabeth Haub School of Law

“Patrick possesses the ability to influence, motivate, and enable others to contribute toward the success of the law school, specifically the department of Student Services. He has been instrumental during his three-year, full-time tenure in bringing about change in the planning and execution of student events on campus.”

Jill Olimpieri
Event and Program Manager
Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems

“Jill is an optimistic and dedicated individual whose willingness to adapt and work in a team to get tasks done has made her invaluable to the Seidenberg School.”

Lindsay Owen
Program Coordinator
Government and Community Relations

“Lindsay is always eager to take on more responsibility, she routinely represents our office to key external constituencies at external events. She is always willing work alongside me and is eager to learn how I manage, organize, etc. She is an exceptional young woman.”

Jennifer Rosenstein
Library Director
Birnbaum Library

“Jennifer has demonstrated excellent relationship building skills manifested in the close relationships she has built with programs particularly in the College of Health Professions.”

Fallon Saratovsky
Assistant Manager, Educational Media
Information Technology Services

“Fallon's enthusiastic, optimistic attitude is contagious and serves to motivate and energize everyone around her. She is a natural leader who has the gift of identifying each staff member’s talents and bringing out the best in them.”

Erika Schmid
Coordinator, Student Affairs
Student Affairs, PLV Campus

“Erika was recently recognized by Feeding Westchester for Innovative Program of The Year for her work with establishing and running the first successful mobile food pantry in Westchester County. On top of that, Erika created a system to help me screen for student meeting requests—she tries to solve their concerns or refer them to the correct offices so they can have resolutions to their issues quicker.”

Rosemarie Scilipoti
Director Lubin Undergraduate Advisement
Lubin School of Business

“Rosemarie is always thinking of a solution. Her ability to strategically think through a project or even a problem is greatly appreciated. She takes the time to think through all aspects of delivering service to students. It is at the heart of who she is, compassionate and collaborative.”

Katherine Torres
Director, OASIS Programs
TARA Center—BOSS Program

“Kate has excelled in all areas of her job—developing innovative programs, streamlining services for students, and actively communicating with colleagues to prevent problems.”

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