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She’s The First

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Keyshana Dupuy ’18 is a first-gen Communications major, first-ever female Housing Assistant on the PLV Campus, and currently interning for She’s the First, a nonprofit. There are a lot of firsts with this go-getter!

Keyshana Dupuy ’18 is a first-generation Communications major with a double minor in Psychology and Public Relations. She’s making quite the name for herself on the PLV Campus by racking up a ton of prestigious memberships from President of the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH); Vice President of Presentia, the PLV yearbook; Resident Assistant for the Extreme Sports and Pace Nation FIG (ESPN); member of the Golden Key International Honour Society; and member of ASPIRE.

Her ambition doesn’t stop there. Most recently, Dupuy became the first-ever female Housing Assistant on the PLV Campus. There are a lot of firsts with this go-getter! Not to mention the fact that she's currently interning for She's the First, a nonprofit organization fighting gender inequality by supporting girls who will be the first in their families to graduate high school. She was even named Homecoming Queen this year! We’re so excited Dupuy had time to chat with us about all of her accomplishments and experiences at Pace thus far.

Why did you end up choosing Pace? What set it apart from other universities?
I chose Pace because my college advisor told me that the graduates of Pace University tend to be successful. What mostly set Pace apart from other universities for me was the gorgeous campus and the genuine connections I noticed between faculty/staff and students.

How did you hear about Career Services? Were you referred by a professor or a student?
I was referred to Career Services by my first-year academic advisor.

Who was particularly helpful to you from Career Services?
When I first got involved with Career Services, the lovely Nicole Catalfamo and the wonderful Susan Eisman helped me!

What was the preparation process like? Did you work on resume-building or interview prep?
For a while, if I contacted Career Services, it would only be to update my resume. Then I realized how much help they offer, and I started going to the interview prep sessions as well as made appointments with Suzi for her to personally help me look into internships.

Of all your internships and work study positions, which did you like the best?
My favorite internship experience has been She’s the First, and my favorite work study position was Campus Activities Assistant for the Student Development and Campus Activities Office.

You’re double minoring in Psychology and Public Relations! That’s awesome. What drew you to choose those subjects? How do they enhance your academic experience?
I have always had an interest in psychology, but didn’t want to major in it—so I decided a minor was the best way to still get some experience in the field. Public Relations as a second minor was a last-minute decision, since I had finished my psychology minor so early and realized that public relations is also an interest of mine.

Both minors have enhanced my academic experience because they’ve given me a broader perspective of the communications field I feel I wouldn’t have had otherwise, and it allows me to explore my academic interests more.

Tell us about your experience being the RA for the Extreme Sports and Pace Nation FIG (ESPN)! What is that like?
Very exciting. I do not play for any Pace University athletic team, but I have tried to attend as many athletic events as possible for all of the teams, and I’m even known as the women’s lacrosse team’s biggest fan. So, when given the opportunity to be an ESPN RA—knowing that I would get residents who were athletes—it made me happy! It gave me the chance to cheer them on and connect with them easier while also being a resource for them.

What motivates you?
What motivates me is making my family proud of me. I have parents who work very hard to provide for me. I want them to know that I do not and never will take their hard work for granted. I want to one day provide for them the way they do for me and more.

Tell us fun or surprising fact about you! What’s something that most people don’t know?
I’m very proud to be a first-generation student; I will be the first person to graduate college in my father’s family, who all live in Panama.