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Student Film Festival 2018 (NYC)

News Story

Take a break from studying at the Student Film Festival! On Thursday, December 13, the Film and Screen Studies students will be presenting their original work. Grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy the future of cinema.

What better way to stay out of the cold and take a break from cramming for finals than by going to the movies? Support the next generation of filmmakers (and your fellow Setters) when they present their cinematic skills! You’re invited to enjoy the original work of the Film and Screen Studies’ department that students wrote, produced, and directed themselves. Catch their early start here before they make it to the big screen:

Thursday, December 13
5:30 p.m. reception, 6:00 p.m. screening
Schimmel Center
NYC Campus

Screenings will include work from both the “16mm Film Production” and “Digital TV Field Production” classes. Here’s the lineup:

  • >> Stephen Appolonia, Master of the Future
  • >> Thomas Cahora, Here Inside
  • >> Alixandra Matos, In Between
  • >> Ben Raggio, Bike
  • >> Molly Bernstein, HER
  • >> Amanda Kindya, PIZZA
  • >> Lindsey Kroning, The Make Up
  • >> Peter Barretta, Cats and Dogs
  • >> Jason Conrad Llaguno, Please, Sit, Stay Awhile
  • >> Olivia Thomson, Amour
  • >> Eily Jones, The Lovers
  • >> Nicholas Kennedy, Silence of the Mimes
  • >> Hannah Zizalde, The Celebrity
  • >> Melissa Parsons, 404: Connection Not Found
  • >> Sarah Baker, How It Goes Wrong
  • >> Abigail Schories, Soles of the City
  • >> Elizabeth Filippini, Breaking Brooklyn
  • >> Abigail Davis, The Organization
  • >> Mellison Arguson, A Friend of Mine
  • >> Katrina Alonso, Fit to Print
  • >> Malissa Kelly, Cooking Is Chemistry
  • >> Noor Cozzolino, American Dream
  • >> Justin Knoepfel, Rehabilitation
  • >> Samantha Abrahami, The Kids Are Not Alright
  • >> Majé Lustbader, Vice
  • >> Destiny Castillo, The Pup’s Alright
  • >> Kevin Prunty, 2112