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Midterms are coming and so is the undergraduate registration period! Here’s your reminder to get in touch with your academic advisor, apply for graduation, or make that major change official.

Academic Reminders

Midterms will be here before you know it! Mid-October is typically when they begin to occur. It's never too early to begin studying and preparing. The Pace University Learning Centers and libraries are great places to do that. You should also re-read your course syllabi, which faculty post on Blackboard, to stay current with readings, assignments, and approaching exam dates.

First-Year Student Advising

First-year students, we bet you have a ton of questions. That’s totally normal—this is your first time doing this! Did you know that your UNV 101 instructor is also your academic advisor? Your advisor understands how new the college experience can be and is eager to help you succeed. Questions can be posed in class, after class, by email, or during office hours. If you’re more comfortable asking a peer, each UNV 101 section has an advanced student serving as a Peer Leader who is always available to listen and help.

Undergraduate Course Registration

Mark your calendars! Undergraduate registration begins on Monday, November 18. You should set up a time to meet with your advisor to plan for your spring semester. If you don’t know who your advisor is, you can access this information through the “Success Network” at the OnTrack website, by checking on Degree Works, or by sending an email.

Undecided About, or Switching, a Major?

Marketing or management? Literature or communications? If you’ve been keeping your options open about choosing a major or considering a switch, we encourage you to talk to your academic advisor. We also recommend reaching out the Advising Center for Exploring Majors on your campus.

Apply For Graduation!

Walking the walk this year? All potential candidates for graduation are required to file an Application for Graduation and Diploma, available online at the Office of Student Assistance website or at the Pace paperless website. With this paperless form, students will be able to verify how their name will be presented on the diploma, graduation date, program information, and diploma mailing address, among other items. We encourage students to file the form immediately to ensure that the updates are processed in a timely manner that coincides with their expected graduating class. Additional information, including deadline dates, can be found on the OSA website under Graduation.