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Tribute to Troops

News Story

This Veterans Day, the Pace Community shares a big, heart-felt “thank you” with those who have served.

Pace University has long been recognized as a supporter of veterans and those who have served in the military. This Veterans Day, we asked faculty and staff to express that support in a simple way—with a “thank you.”

“It’s not that hard to serve those who serve to protect our freedom. In support of all my friends and family who serve, and for all our dedicated students, it’s the least I can do.”
—Jim Curry, associate vice president, Office of Student Assistance

“How do you say ‘thank you’ to an organization that fundamentally changed your life for the better? How do you say ‘thank you’ to all the men and women who have sacrificed so that I might live the life I live? Humbly and with the deepest gratitude, I say ‘thank you’ for your service and sacrifice. I support the military without reservation, but give my heart to the Marine Corps. To each who serve and have served, you have my utmost respect—thank you.”
—Patrick McGuigan, DSP, clinical professor of management, Lubin School of Business

“I have great respect for veterans, not only for the courage and sacrifice of their service, but for the discipline, teamwork, accountability, resilience, and leadership their experience in the military provided.  Veterans have had a learning experience that makes them role models for other business students and I am grateful not only for their service to their country, but to the Lubin School of Business.”
—Neil Braun, dean, Lubin School of Business

“One unique feature, among many, of our great nation is the social accord. Some features of this agreement are the retaining of certain natural rights; an acceptance of restrictions of certain liberties; the pooling of certain powers to be exercised collectively; and, in regard to the men and women we recognize and honor every day, especially on Veterans Day, the assumption of certain duties. On behalf of Pace University’s OSA Veteran Services, I would like to express how proud we are of the men and women, which includes some 300+ Pace student military veterans from the recent conflicts, who assumed certain duties on behalf of our nation. We are proud you chose to be a part of the Pace Community and contribute to our culture and environment. We recognize your service and sacrifice at this most deserving time. All gave some, some gave all, and for that we thank you.
—Robert Rahni, assistant director, transfer credit and veteran services, Office of Student Assistance

“Every US soldier and veteran is a hero to me.”
—Andie Marais, senior director, English Language Institute, director of strategic marketing initiatives

“I have friends and family members who have served both in the Army and Navy over several years. They have served at Omaha Beach, on the USS Essex during the Cuban Missile Crisis, in Saigon, and on the USS Iwo Jima during the Vietnam War. Even my great-grandfather enlisted in the Union Army as a teenager and was imprisoned during the Civil War at Libby Prison in Virginia. We are now watching our brave men and women from all branches of the service returning home from the complicated conflicts in the Middle East. No matter how we feel about war, we owe our troops and veterans the respect and compassion they deserve; and acknowledgement and thanks for their bravery and sacrifice. Their presence on our campus is truly a gift to our students.”
—Carol Dockery, career counselor, Career Services

To learn about Pace's commitment to veterans, hear from six student veterans transitioning from combat to classroom here.