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Welcome, President Krislov!

News Story

The Pace Community is excited to welcome Marvin Krislov as the eighth president of Pace University. Krislov, who served for 10 years as the president of Oberlin College, began his term on August 1, 2017.

Marvin Krislov became the eighth President of Pace University on August 1, 2017. Prior to President Krislov’s appointment at Pace, he served for 10 years as the president of Oberlin College where he led collaborative, consensus-driven efforts to make the College and Conservatory of Music more rigorous, diverse, inclusive, and accessible to students from every socioeconomic background. His creation of the Oberlin Access Initiative, which removed the loan burden for hundreds of Pell Grant-eligible students, reflects his abiding commitment to surmounting the challenges facing low-income, first-generation students.

Under his leadership, Oberlin entered a new era of environmental action and sustainability with the launch of the Oberlin Project, the creation of the Green Arts District, and the construction of the mixed-use Gateway Center. He oversaw major expansion and renovation of Oberlin’s physical plant, including construction of a new, natural gas power plant replacing a coal-fired facility, a new jazz studies building, a new stadium complex, and acquisition and conversion of the historic Apollo Theatre in downtown Oberlin into a cinema and cinema studies complex.

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