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What Did You Do This Summer?

News Story

From hiking, to European adventures, to eating sandwiches, here's how Pace faculty and staff spent their summer.

Breathaking Views in the Balkans

I traveled to Slovenia, Croatia, and Montenegro. I had visited Yugoslavia years ago when I was putting together a film production, so I was curious about visiting some of the countries it became. The coastal cities on the Adriatic are beautiful. Croatia’s 1,200 islands provide plenty of adventure and variety. And, we watched Croatia beat Iceland and Argentina in the World Cup surrounded by thousands of cheering Croatians in Zagreb and Dubrovnik. The people were gracious and generous everywhere we went, and it was a great way to jumpstart the summer. 

Neil Braun
Dean, Lubin School of Business 

Hiking Extraordiaire 

I hiked on not one, but two of the hardest trails in NYBreakneck Ridge trail Loop and Bear Mountain! Also, I began indoor rock climbing at LIC Cliffs and hope to begin rock climbing outdoors by the end of the year!     

Topher Paris Cherestal
Staff Associate, University Special Events  

Out and About in Alaska

I traveled to Alaska with my husband, Mark to visit our son, Joey, who lives there and works as a physical education teacher for students with special needs. We hiked close to 80 miles during the 10-day visit and saw all sorts of land and sea animals such as bears, moose, otters, whales, puffins, bald eagles, and more. Our travels took us to Wrangell–St. Elias National Park and Preserve (America's largest National Park); Seward (one of Alaska’s oldest and most scenic communities); the Harding Icefield (on the top of Exit Glacier Mountain at Kenai Fjords, another National Park); and seemingly innumerable glacial lakes. The beauty surrounding us was unmatched and truly humbling.

Sue Maxam
AVP for Undergraduate Education
Division of Student Success

Service in Yosemite

I spent a week camping and volunteering in Yosemite National Park with the Conservation Volunteers International Program (Conservation VIP). We spent our days doing trail maintenance along with members of a local conservation group. It was an amazing experience to volunteer in Yosemite National Park and to work alongside such incredible people.

Kate Kunstel, MMSc, PA-C
Associate Professor, College of Health Professions

Sandwich of Dreams

New York is a city filled with bloodthristy attractions looking to separate you from your money, oftentimes with no consideration for your emotional well-being. Defonte's, a long-running sandwich shop in Red Hook, Brooklyn, won't play you like that. It prompts you to willingly exchange a reasonable amount of cash for an extremely good sandwichwithout a doubt one of New York's best. Unlike many monetary transactions in NYC, you won't feel slimy, dirty, ripped off, or scared that your data will be harvested to sell you genetically engineered crepes. It's just people taking care of people. Sit outside on one of the benches and don't look at your phone. Or do. It's your time. 

(This joyous combination is prosciutto, mozzarella, peppers, and fried eggplant.) 

Lance Pauker
Marketing Writer, University Relations