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Office For Student Success


If I am experiencing financial issues and I don't think I can return next semester or finish this semester, can the Office for Student Success (OSS) help me?
Please stop by our office to discuss the options that are available to you. We are knowledgeable about a variety of opportunities that may help. Generally, our procedure is to act as your liaison with multiple offices to help figure out what options are available to you. When you speak to us, please make sure that you know what your current GPA is, what your current bill from the university states, and what types of aid you are receiving.

I have academic concerns for the current semester. Can OSS help me?
If you have an academic concern that you have been unable to resolve, the Office for Student Success may be able to help. Before contacting OSS, make sure you have followed the proper procedure outlined by your academic department. In most cases, the Office for Student Success will work in conjunction with your academic department and your school-based adviser to ensure that your concern is resolved.

I'm having difficulties communicating with a department, faculty, or staff member. Is this something that the Office for Student Success could help me handle?
Yes. Please contact our office to discuss what communication methods you have already tried. OSS will work with you and the department, faculty, or staff member to ensure that all policies and procedures are followed and your concern is addressed.

I am not as involved as I'd like to be at Pace. Can OSS help?
Yes. Please contact us, and one of the Student Success advisers will be happy to discuss the different offices and resources that can help you become active in the areas that interest you. Before speaking with a Student Success adviser, please be prepared to answer questions regarding your interests, goals, and hobbies. There are a variety of ways to get involved at Pace.

Is OSS a student advocacy office?
No. The Office for Student Success does not advocate for one position or another. We are committed to ensuring that policies, procedures, and protocols are followed. Our goal is for your concern to be resolved and for you to understand the reasons for the decision that is made.

I don't have a specific concern, but I would like to provide feedback about my experience at Pace. Whom should I contact?
The Office for Student Success is always interested in hearing from students and their families about the experience they have had at Pace. OSS spearheads initiatives that are committed to ensuring a positive and rewarding student experience. Your feedback will help enhance these initiatives.

What is the best way to contact OSS?
You can reach either campus office by e-mail at or by stopping by at one of our on-campus locations.