Undergrad Forms

Useful Forms—Office of Student Assistance (OSA)

Registration Action Form (PDF)—Any student wishing to add/drop classes must fill out this form.

Change of Major Form (PDF)—Any student wishing to declare or change their major or minor must meet with an adviser to have the change approved, prior to turning this form in to OSA.

Permission to Enroll at Another Institution (PDF)—This form must be turned in to OSA.

Application for Waiver, Substitution, and In Depth Sequence Form (PDF)—In special circumstances, the requirement that a student must complete a specific core, major, or minor course may be waived. When granted a waiver, the student is expected to complete a designated "substitute" course in place of the course that has been waived.

Leave of Absence—Any student wishing to take a semester or more off should fill out the appropriate Leave of Absence Form. Those who are taking a leave due to a medical reason must follow the Medical Leave of Absence policy.

Official Leave of Absence Policy (PDF)

Leave of Absence Application (PDF)

Official Medical Leave of Absence Policy (PDF)

MEDICAL Leave of Absence Application (PDF)

Resumption of Studies—Any student who has taken one or more semesters off must have the resumption of studies form approved by an adviser. Those who took a Medical Leave of Absence will need to complete the Resumption of Studies After a Medical Leave of Absence Form.

Resumption of Studies (PDF)