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Finance and Administration

University Multifunction Copiers

Multifunction Copiers have been strategically placed throughout the University for Faculty and Administration use. These multifunction copiers are equipped with a touch-screen interface and easy to use print drivers; allowing users to print from their desktop, scan images for duplication or direct to an email account.

Universal user codes have been installed according to your departmental budget representatives.

User Responsibilities

Register your Canon equipment Serial Number on Canon Solutions Account Managment website to order supplies and place service requests.

Hardware Service Calls Canon 1-800-355-1385
Software Service Calls ITS Help Desk Web Help Desk
Copier Paper Document Services Website Supply Order Form
Copier Staples Canon 1-800-355-1390
Copier Toner Canon 1-800-355-1390

Equipment serial number is required for all Canon requests

Multifunction Copier guidelines

  • Two new toners should always be kept in inventory
  • User codes should be kept confidential
  • At completion users should log out of system
  • Two sided printing is recommended in support of Pace University’s sustainability initiative

Canon Copier Function and Special Feature Help Sheet (PDF)

Canon Copier Secure Scanning Procedures: Secure Printing (PDF)


Email Elise Aubry for Universal account code setup and budget inquiries regarding copier charges.