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Student Government Association

Mission Statement

We, the students of Pace University - Pleasantville, are an integral part of the University and therefore entitled to an active role in deciding its policies and mission. Acknowledging this significance we hereby constitute this student government to represent student interests; to serve as a liaison and model of encouragement both socially and academically; to provide students with an environment that fosters growth and provides opportunities in leadership, community involvement, and scholarship; and to provide a setting for the undergraduate student body to exchange ideas and opinions.


The purpose of the Student Government Association shall be to represent the voice and rights of the student body, to ensure an environment which supports the development of student leadership and responsibility, and facilitate the activities and interests of the Undergraduate student body of Pace University Pleasantville.


This constitution shall be the guideline for all business conducted by the undergraduate student government. The Legislative Body may, by a two-thirds vote, adopt or amend Bylaws. Decisions of the Executive Board may be vetoed by the Legislative Body through a majority vote. The authority of the Student Government Association is vested in its elected officers and representatives.

Positions Within SGA

Executive Board

The executive officers shall be a President, Executive Vice President, Vice President of Finance,  and Vice President of Administration.  The executive officers shall be responsible for determining the general direction of the SGA in addition to their individual roles as outlined in Article IV. The executive officers shall be elected once a year by the undergraduate student body in the process outlined in Article IX. No executive officer may hold one of these positions concurrently, nor may they chair a standing committee during their term of office. Upon swearing in, executive officers must vacate any positions held in organizations represented directly in the Senate. Upon swearing in, the executive board shall elect an Executive Advisor by a three-fourths vote whose eligibility and responsibilities are outlined in Article IV, Section 3. Upon leaving office the President and Executive Vice President shall retain the privileges of their office except a vote, in the form of emeritus status, until they leave the University.

Student Director of Programming

The SDP, or Student Director of Programming is part of the executive branch of the Student Government Association.  They are charged with the creation, implementation and planning of campus wide programs and traditions throughout the course of the academic year.  This is a student run board that is open to all students to join.  The SDP is elected as part of the Student Government Association elections process each April. To contact the current SDP, please email

Legislative Body

The voting members of the Legislative Body shall include one Senator from each SGA recognized student organization and two School Representatives from each of the academic college. Each academic college is entitled to one vote through the representation of their School Representatives. The Legislative Body is responsible for constituting the standing, joint, and ad hoc committees, in addition to their specific responsibilities outlined in Article V, Sections 2 & 3. The Legislative Body shall elect a Legislative Advisor by simple majority whose eligibility and responsibilities are outlined in Article V, Section 5.

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors shall represent each academic school in the Legislative Body. Two representatives shall be constitutionally elected in the process outlined in Article IX, Section 2, and shall together constitute one vote. School Representatives shall be responsible for bi-weekly meetings with a designated advisor from their academic school. School Representatives shall host an open forum at least once a semester for the academic school’s faculty, staff, and students to address any pertinent topics. The advisor of the respective academic school must approve all programs hosted by School Representatives. The School Representatives are ineligible to request funding from the Student Activity Fee budget. School Representatives are required to serve on one of the standing committees outlined in Article III, Section 3. School Representatives shall submit the committee preference form by the penultimate senate meeting in the spring semester. School Representatives shall be responsible for nominating eligible members of the SGA to chair the standing, joint, and ad-hoc committees.

Unity & Social Justice Student Ambassador

A new position is now being hosted under the Legislative Branch of your Student Government Association!  The Unity & Social Justice Student Ambassador is elected be their peers each April.  They are tasked with assisting in the creation of events, services and programs that highlight social justice issues on and or around campus.  This individual is also able to connect students of Pace University with involvement and engagement opportunities that exist in our global and interdependant world.  To contact the current USJ Student Ambassador please email


There shall be six standing committees: Academic Affairs, Administrative Outreach, Judicial, Election, Finance, and Unity. All issues and matters shall fall into the appropriate committee’s jurisdiction. Each voting representative of the Legislative Body is required to sit on one of the standing committees. Members of the Legislative Body shall submit committee preferences to the Executive Board at the penultimate Senate meeting of the spring academic term. The Executive Board shall seat representatives in the standing committees, as per the Bylaws, by the final Senate meeting of the spring academic term. Each standing committee shall elect a chair for a year-term within the first two weeks of the Fall academic term.

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