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New York Faculty Council

Scholarly Research

As stated in the NYFC Constitution, the duties and membership of the Scholarly Research committee are composed of the following:

a) The Committee on Scholarly Research is composed of 15 elected voting members of the NYFC. Two additional alternate seats are reserved for tenure-track and contingent faculty of the NYFC.

b) The duties of the Committee on Scholarly Research are:

  • To make policy recommendations to the NYFC on all matters pertaining to providing support in the form of released time and/or direct financial support for scholarly research;
  • To meet at least once each semester to consider requests by faculty for support for scholarly research.

Allocated: 15 members and 2 alternates

Currently has: 14 members and 2 alternates

Committee chair: Zafir Buraei

Current committee members: (Fall 2019- Spring 2021)

  • Ana Amaya (Health Science)
  • Charlotte Becket (Fine Arts)
  • Zafir Buraei (Biology)
  • Myojung Cho (Accounting)
  • Andriy Danylenko (Modern Languages/Cultures)
  • Kristen di Gennaro (English)
  • Ronald Frank (History)
  • Linda Gottesfeld (Art)
  • Kiku Huckle (Political Science)
  • Erica Johnson (English)
  • Yvonne Rafferty (Psychology)
  • Judith Pajo (Sociology and Anthropology)
  • Namchul Shin (Information Technology)
  • Rita Upmacis (Chemistry)

1st alternate: Tanya Wiggins (Education)

2nd alternate: Nils Myszkowski (Psychology)


Scholarly research applications for either release time or research expenses are available on the NYFC's Faculty forms webpage.

  • Fall due date: First Wednesday of October (ie, October 7, 2020)
  • Spring due date: Wednesday, February 24, 2021
  • Send completed form via Echosign to your Chair, followed by your Dean, followed by the Chair of the SRC to

Applicants should allow time for signatures in their planning. All applications must arrive to the SRC before the deadline.