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The Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

Welcome to the Office of the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

We welcome and thank you for visiting us. The Office of Associate Provost for Academic Affairs works closely with the Provost to further the mission of Pace University in the areas of faculty development, academic support, academic scheduling, and assessment. This Office is charged with improving our solid foundation of faculty support so that Pace becomes a leader in these critical areas. Our approach is to steer and measure the integration of informational and library resources, academic instructional technology and innovative pedagogy, and faculty development toward improving student learning outcomes and as a result advancing institutional enhancement.

Please review the various materials posted herein and visit us again as the information is updated regularly. Please call (212) 346-1956 and count on us to assist you on the above goals or other academic and scholastic endeavors.

Pace University's Diversity Statement

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ITS has developed a convenient checklist and toolkit to increase communication, enhance learning, and create continuity in case of closings: